What is the best way to find home sale price information for a given neighborhood?

I know it is public domain information if you visit in person to the local government office, but I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a website to search. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I agree with the former answer. Zillow is your best bet. The problem with it is inflated values or "Zestimates".

    Real estate agents and owners can enter additional photos and detailed features of their homes for sale. Other sales listed on the site have what minimal property data that transfers over from tax records which may not include remodels, increases in sqft of a home, it's condition, etc. You are left sometimes comparing apples to bananas.

    If you want info on a certain neighborhood, you could enlist the help of a real estate agent who could run or email you sold listings specific to your criteria. They perform this for free.

    My office's corporate website at JohnLscott.com has "sold" property data & those listings available to the public. Problem with that is JLS is only in Washington, Oregon and Idaho and that sold data is only available for Washington.

    Other real estate firms nationwide may jump on this bandwagon in the future, but right now, I think John L. Scott is the only real estate firm that offers that.

    As a PS, you could try googliing "Sold Property Data" and your area to see if there are any real estate offices in your area have public access on their websites.

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    you are able to ask the Realtor if she might kindly grant archives sheets of similar present day sales interior the section. She might desire to try this for you. even if, considering she represents the sellers, she will have the flexibility to no longer make any techniques different than offering the information for which you asked. that is too late now to have interplay the centers of a consumer agent, yet that could desire to have been the path to circulate, considering a consumer agent might characterize you rather than the vendor. earlier you're making any grant to purchase, determine that the grant will incorporate a contingency for inspection of the premises via a qualified and registered domicile inspector. That way, if some thing hidden might desire to happen, you would be coated. the place I stay, this sort of assets could be two times the fee being asked, yet expenses variety extensively via locale, so that isn't any longer possible to grant you even a distant wager as to nicely worth.

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    There is zillow.com. However I found this very unhelpful and inaccurate. Several real estate agents have said the same.

    Your local government office may have the info online. Large counties do. Check with your county's assessor's office website and look for "real estate".

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