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who did the Philly eagles draft OR who are they looking to trade or pick up thx?

didnt have time to watch so any help is cool thx

i heared they were trying to grt chad jonson (whith the bengals) but i dont know

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    main guys u need to know is trevor laws/dt and desean jackson pr/wr. and they traded for lorenzo booker bryan smith undersized de/olb much like trent cole and quetin demps safety. They didnt want to trade lito. they didnt force it is what i mean. andy said in a conference that he did not get significant offers. they never tried to trade for chad cuz they knew they wanted too much and wouldnt. after the skins offered a 1st rounder and a 3rd rounder that can become a first if he meet requirements.laws is a energizer bunny dt who is gonna be a big part of the rotation . desean is the most explosive pr since devin hester and a great vertical threat in the slot whos extremly fast even faster than kevin curtis and great route running skills and good hands. they tried to move back in the first but unsucessful probably tried to take philip merling or devin thomas. they would of picked jeff otah the massive lt but the panthers gave too good of an offer for a first rounder next year a second this year and swapped 4 for 5.

    andy reid did not give info on who they were trying to trade for.

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    well the bengals said they are NOT trading johnson, but here is a list of the players the eagles drafted, they did move down in the draft

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    They are looking to get rid of Lito Sheppard i'm sure of. I've heard speculation that they wanted to pick up CJ but i'm not sure if it's ganna happen, it would probably be good for the Eagles though.

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