mothers day?

mothers day is just around the corner. i am only 13. what should i do for my mom.

anyway, my dad and his friend (his daughter is my friend) are going to be gone over mothers day so my friend and i would like to take our moms out to lunch. What are some other possibilities?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You could just get a picture frame and put a picture of you two in it and give her a card that says remember this? i do .. i love you blah blah what ever you need to say..

    You could get her flowers, candy or tickets to a movie in a few days (Buy advance matinee tickets or something). You could bake a cake or cupcakes or something and on a piece of paper write 24 or 12 reasons you love her, meaning 24 or 12 cupcakes one for each reason..

    Something more heart felt you could make her cleaning coupons or dinner coupons where you will cook dinner/clean one day or do something extra nice with her..

    Because your younger you could buy a manicure for you both to go get or pedicure.. my mom loves those no matter what day it is :P

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