Does dual citizenship still exist between Canada & the US?

I have my immigration interview in June so I'm hoping to be a US permanent resident around that time. I don't ever want to give up my Canadian citizenship but I would really love to be a dual because my hubby is & my future kids will be. Do they still do dual citizenships?

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    US Dual Citizenship: The U.S. government allows dual citizenship. United States law recognizes U.S. Dual Citizenship, but the U.S. government does not encourage it is as a matter of policy due to the problems that may arise from it. It is important to understand that a foreign citizen does NOT lose his or her citizenship when becoming a U.S. citizen. An individual that becomes a U.S. citizen through naturalization may keep his or her original citizenship. However, as some countries do not recognize dual citizenship, it is important to consider it carefully before applying for U.S. citizenship.

    Dual or multiple citizenship applies when two or more countries recognize a person as their citizen. Canadian Citizens have been allowed to obtain or maintain foreign citizenship while keeping their Canadian Citizenship since February 15, 1977. Under the present Citizenship Act, a Canadian citizen will retain their citizenship even if they are granted citizenship in another country. The individual will only loose their Canadian citizenship if an application to voluntary renounce it is submitted and the request approved by a Citizenship judge

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    Don't know about Japan but I'm pretty sure that New Zealand, US, Canada allow dual citizenship because I know quite a few people from there who have dual citizenship.

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    yes you will not lose your canadian citizenship unless you CHOOSE to give it up.

    However you MUST use the US passport when you cross the US border, and the canadian pasport when you cross the canadian border.

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    piece of cake. yes it is

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