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Does anyone know the name of the movie....?

Where a boy is doing some kind of spray paint graffiti in a sewer and accidentally falls into it and goes into a magical world with trolls that represent the different elements? (And there is an evil prince who hypnotizes a girl that he falls in love with)

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    I'm not sure why this film came to mind except that it has a scene where the boy is being initiated in a sewer (I think) but, because he has a crippled leg, falls into a sort of whirlpool/vortex below him. He meets kangaroos~not trolls~that have to do with Buddhist beliefs.

    Warriors of Virtue (1997)

    IMDB synopsis:

    Ryan, a disabled youth, wishes to join the other kids from his schools football team. During an initiation rite, Ryan is swept away through a whirlpool to the land of Tao. There he is hunted by the evil Lord Komodo, who desires the boy as a key to enter the real world. Ryan is rescued by the protectors of Tao, five humanoid kangaroos, each embued with the five elements and virtues. Ryan learns his valuable lesson while saving the land of Tao.

    IMDB review:

    The movie begins with a kid named Ryan who falls through a whirlpool into a fantasy world that is locked in bitter turmoil. All the lifesprings of Tao are drying up because of the villainous Komodo, who is threatened by the Roo warriors, a race of five kangaroo-like creatures who represent the elements of earth, fire, metal, wood and water. ... We get magical books, a ruthless sorcerer, a princess, a wise old man, the odd warrior creatures, ancient philosophies and the lone character who is the salvation to the whole world.

    Cast includes:

    Mario Yedidia - Ryan Jeffers

    Marley Shelton - Elysia

    Chao-Li Chi - Master Chung

    Doug Jones - Yee the Warrior of Metal

    Adrienne Corcoran - Tsun the Warrior of Earth

    J. Todd Adams - Chi the Warrior of Fire

    Jack Tate - Yun the Warrior of Water

    Don W. Lewis - Lai the Warrior of Wood (and Major Keena)

    Angus Macfadyen - Komodo

    Lee Arenberg - Mantose

    Dennis Dun - Ming

    Teryl Rothery - Kathryn Jeffers

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    it could be the "a series of unfortunate events" movie, where the evil guy marries the little girl, where she has her little brother to save her from him

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    never seen that movie

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    what kinda movie is that?

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