is a trd exhaust worth the money for my '06 scion xb? what about the trd filter? how are the power gains?

i was offered the exhaust for $100 and the filter for $25. the exhaust is used and the filter is new. should i save my money and get another system or should i be jumping all over it. this is the first toyota i've owned. always driven hondas, but decided to explore outside of that realm...any opinions on the hotchkis tvs stage 1 suspension kit? trd springs and struts? any info is greatly appreciated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would stay away from TRD parts. They aren't worth the money.

    The TRD exhaust is pretty mild, but if you aren't looking for much sound then it would be ok and it is a pretty good deal.

    I purchased a Fujita short ram intake and noticed power gains, but if the TRD one is a whole assembly and not just a filter I would jump on it.

    I've riden in an xB with TRD springs and struts and they aren't much different than stock.

    I got the Monroe's and am in the process of getting new springs either Tanabe's or Tein's.

    Take a look at

    They have tons of information on almost anything you need and if you have any other questions you can post them there. It is the most helpful xB site that I have found.

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  • beat
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    3 years ago

    Scion Xb Trd Exhaust

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  • 3 years ago

    i'd say no. I stress a Tc. TRD makes cool after industry areas for Scion yet they are ridiculously high priced. TRD can provide cool designs and hardy areas yet they lack overall performance enhancement and are in many cases surprisingly expensive. you may consistently go searching on the internet (say Craigslist or ebay) and seek for an XD muffler that would purely fee perhaps 50 greenbacks relying on how no longer consumer-friendly you seek for an exceedingly stable deal. or you will desire to easily get an entire exhaust gadget. as much as you :D stable luck .

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can buy a high-flow filter just about anywhere for $25 so your not getting any kind of deal there. $100 for exhaust? I'm guessing he's selling you just the muffler and tail pipe not a cat back exhaust so basically your paying $100 for a used TRD muffler. Not worth the $$$ for a few more $$$ you can get something brand new and better.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    depends on for the money they are ok

    but the real kicker is they have good power increases but if you spend the money and purchase new and have toyota install them they will not void your warrenty that might be a big deal or it might not

    if it is not i would get a better system for your care

    the stage 1 suspencion kit is a good choice for a daily driver good increase in handling and fair ride unlike if you get a full coil over set you might get a rough ride

    the springs and struts are not really worth the money to buy new they are a half bargain between the aftermarket industry and oem factory items with the factory price

    anything trd will not void your warrenty tho if you have them install it

    but there are much better systems out there for your car than the trd stuff

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