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Where's a good winery to visit in Napa Valley, CA?

The boyfriend and I are planning a weekend trip to go from Los Angeles to Napa Valley. We want to check out the wineries, grapes, and all that good stuff. My boyfriend is a photographer, so the main purpose is to have him take pictures while I run around and look at grapes.

I'm kind of new to wineries in Napa Valley. I always drive by them...never stopped by to check them out. Also, we're actually not big wine drinkers because we don't really know how to pick out wine.

Any suggestions on which wineries are good? Which ones are visually appealing and photo-friendly? Where do we stay for the night? How much do these places usually cost? What about wine classes?

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    There are so many great wineries and fantastic views in Napa. It's difficult to just choose a few but here's an attempt:

    1. Domaine Carneros

    Open daily 10 AM – 6 PM

    It's wonderful to sit outside on the patio sipping great sparkling wine and enjoying the spectacular scenery. This is one of the greatest views in the Valley and the sparkling wines here are equally wonderful.

    2. Hess Collection

    Open daily 10 AM – 4 PM

    This winery has great wines in a wooded area. Art lovers should include visits to the Hess Modern Art Musuem on their Napa Valley Wine Tours. Admission is complimentary. The displays are interesting. Be sure to check out the flaming typewriter!

    3. Clos Pegase Winery

    Open daily 10:30 AM – 5 PM

    This Calistoga winery has been described as “a temple to wine and art”. Stroll the grounds and enjoy the sculptures, sample fine wines in the tasting room, and picnic amidst the beauty of this winery. Clos Pegase has 20,000 square feet of caves including a Cave Theater, where events are often held. Tours are free and there’s no need for a reservation unless you are a large group.

    4. Sterling Vineyards

    Open daily 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

    Ride the aerial tram to this hilltop winery where you will enjoy spectacular views and sample great wine. Wines are brought to your table as you relax and enjoy a day of Napa wine tasting in a relaxing atmosphere.

    5. St. Supery Vineyards & Winery

    Open daily 10 AM – 5 PM

    St. Supery Vineyards is an great stop on any Napa Wine Tasting Tour. They have a large variety of lovely wines to sample. This Napa winery also has free self-guided tours of the winery, gardens, and historic house. The exhibits are interesting and will teach you about wine.

    A wonderful place to eat (make reservations for their patio overlooking the vineyard covered hills) is Auberge du Soleil.

    The best place to go in Napa for wine classes is Copia:

    For winery maps, recommendations for lodging, contact info for all of the wineries, and more visit:

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    The most picturesque is Castella de Amerosa by far. It is a pretty new place that opened up 1 year ago. It's a medieval castle with all the bells and whistles including a dungeon. For the best view of the valley, go to Sterling. You take a tram up the side of a hill and from there can see much of the valley. My favorite boutique winery with great wine is in Calistoga and is called Bennett Lane winery. They are also into nascar now, so usually have a nascar vehicle out front. About cost, Sterling is around $20 to take the tram and the castle is about the same . be sure to make an appointment to visit the castle. Bennett Lane winery is $10. Now I have given you some unusual wineries that are different from all the rest.

    Source(s): I live in the Napa valley(36 years here)
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    Napa Valley is not like it used to be. It's become a victim of its own success. 8^<

    There are several wineries in the valley that are more than 100 years old. In the last few years, they keep building more 100-year-old wineries! Every time I go up there there are another half a dozen 100-year-old wineries that have been built since the last time. They are all very picturesque!

    My favorites used to be Inglenook and Beringer. They are both in the town of St. Helena, which is really the center of Napa Valley. The visitor's center at Beringer is a beautiful house built by the Beringer Bros. in the 1880s with beautiful oak carvings inside and stained-glass windows that are centuries old. It's worth the tour just to see the house. Beringer ages their wines in caves dug into the side of the mountain, and that's pretty cool. On a hot day it's like walking into a refrigerator. Inglenook is also built around a beautiful old house that belonged to the founder, Capt. Niebaum.

    Mondavi and Charles Krug are the other -genuine- 100-year-old wineries.

    In 'downtown' St Helena is a huge stone building that used to be Christian Brothers' winery, but now is the Culinary Institute of America. You can go inside, there are exhibits and things in there.

    Just keep in mind that there are two roads that go through the valley north/south. One is Hwy 29. EVERYTHING is along this road, every winery, every town, every overpriced restaurant and specialty hotel, and on weekends stop-and-go traffic. The other road is the Silverado Trail, a nice, relaxing drive through the vineyards, a view of what the valley looked like before it became a tourist mecca.

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    I would get a map and map out some wineries that are close to each other that way you can go to a few without having to drive all over all day. There are Napa Wine Maps at Borders, if you have one.

    If you want a nice place to eat and drink I would suggest V. Sattui. Wine is not THAT great, but the food and the surroundings are spectacular.

    Have fun!

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    I always like Robert Mondavi . It is the first major winery along Hwy 29 as you are going into the valley. Their tour will introduce you to the science of wine making, very interesting. The winery grounds are beautiful, good for photographs.

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