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simone asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 1 decade ago

help.... what is pre-bonded hair extensions and how do you fix them?

prebonded extensions, wigs and weaves??my friend was telling me about them but we both have no clue how they are worn. you can understand - am from africa.... This is for a noble course

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    well, basically they are fake hair, you can get them from beauty supply shops. weaves you can glue them in to your own hair, or sew them into canerows/cornrows!!! i will give you a shop link......good luck!!!!

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  • barry
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    3 years ago

    properly pre bonded extensions are stable in the event that they are accomplished precise.... your hair needs to be 4 in long for them to be put in. inspite of the undeniable fact which you want a minimum of seven to eight in for it to even seem semi genuine....or positioned on head bands like brit did. if your hair is curly you have a extra advantageous danger of them looking organic. fee is a lot you want approximately 13 to fifteen bundles of them and the bundles fee around 40 greenbacks a %.. and the majority charrge a hundred an hour to place them in. so seem to spend around 800 to 1500. lots i be attentive to yet they final as long as 6 months if taken care of.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Questions and Answers: Human Hair Fusion

    What Is Hair Fusion?

    Hair Fusion is taking a group of your natural hair strands and a group of Remy pre tipped Fusion Human Hair strands, then fusing it together with a Keratin Protein Bond.*

    *Keratin: any of various sulfur-containing fibrous, insouluble proteins that form the chemcial basis of skin, hair, and nails. For more info on the sicence of Keratin please check out

    Why Is Fusion Better?

    Fusion is the longest lasting of Human Hair Extension techniques. The Fusion method can last 3-6 months. No bulkiness, hair stress or discomfort. I truly believe that the Fusion Strand by Strand process is afar the best method. Fusion is the most natural looking, longest lasting extension process & does not damage hair.

    Will Strand by Strand Fusion Extensions harm my hair?

    Absolutely not! Extensions weather Sew-in or Fusion do not harm hair, bad hairdressers harm your hair! In fact, you can grow out your natural hair while wearing Sew-in and Fusion extensions to the point where you no longer need Fusion or Sew-In Human Hair Extensions because your own natural hair looks so good! But the still use Fusiont because it gives so much versitility! The condition of your natural hair will improve due to less stress from the environment and styling. Fusion will not damage your hair. Fusion can be used on any type & any texture of hair. The Strand by Strand Fusion method does not require stress or pulling on the hair for Fusion attachment. Loss of some (2-5) strands of the Fusion extensions is normal and to be expected after a month or two, but nothing major to affect the look of your Fusion extensions or condition of your hair. If you have had Fusion extensions and have experienced extreme shedding in the beginning, your Fusion hair extensions were not applied correctly.

    How long does it take to install?

    The Fusion process takes approximately 3-7 hours depending on how many strands of Remy Fusion Human Hair is being fused. I have perfected the Fusion Strand by Strand method, so my rates are competitivly lower than others. I am simply, efficient and faster at applying Fusion which is why I am able to lower the cost, passing the savings on to you.

    What kind of hair can get Fusion extensions?

    All types of hair can get Fusion extensions. Ethnic, Caucasian & Asian hair can obtain a head of Lovely Hair Fusion. Remy Fusion Human Hair is made for all types of hair. I match the Remy Fusion Extensions to blend in with your natural hair. Anyone who told you your natural or processed hair texture does not work with Remy Fusion Human Hair Extensions is misinformed.

    Will I be able to see the Keratin Protein Bond?

    No, if it is applied correctly. The Keratin Protein Bond used in Fusion becomes almost transparent. This is the most undetectable Human Hair extensions out on the market right now. Other systems make this claim also, but Fusion Strand-by-Strand is the only extenstion method that I know of where you can pull your hair into a pony tail & still be able to camouflage.

    sewin are another form.....

    Lovely Hair Sew-In Method

    I love the sew-in method because it is so affordable. Remy Human Hair is the best and most expensive Human Hair extensions on the market. A little research and you will see why.

    One bag of Remy Human Hair at 14" can cost between $50-$80 a bag and up to $100-$120 for 20". Remy Human Hair is so worth it! Remy Hair can be reused at least 2 times after the intial extension process because of its quality. Unlike other Human Hair, Remy Human Hair is not mixed in with strands of synthetic hair. This mixture of Human Hair with differing cuticle direction and synthetic hair causes the hair to become weighed down and down right "yucky" (for lack of a better word) 2 weeks after the process has been done. Have you ever had this experience?

    Remy Human Hair includes the "cuticle" on the hair shaft. Think of it as brown rice as opposed to white rice where the outer layer has been removed. There is a thin outer layer (microscopic) on human hair. Remy leaves on this layer, thus making the hair feel even more natural, and makes it so that it does NOT tangle! The non tangle attribute also increases the long wear of Remy Human Hair. Also the way that Remy Human Hair is collected differs from other Human Hair clollection.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pre-bonded extentions are the one w/ the glue already on them so all you have to do is use the heat gun to apply them to your hair. It is like doing the fusion method but w/o the glue.

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