Iqama Iqama Iqama?

My husband is staying in Saudi Arabia. I would like to join him there. The problem is that in his Iqama his occupation is a driver. I was told that only professionals such as doctors, engineers, md etc can invite their spouse . (Which is so bias) So, what is the next option for me? Are there any other alternate ways for me in obtaining this iqama?

Please help....

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    well! Stupied people always start barking with out knowing the exact situation. Dear Zara lot of executive ppl live in Saudi arabia on labour or sales visa. if your husband is capable then he can take visa from out side meanz buy separate visa of yours and can bring you into Saudi Arabia. by the way I support if you live with him. life is miserable without wife here.

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    If he's a driver for a family, then he can't really financially support you, so that's why they don't issue iqamas to family members of drivers. The only option I can think of is that your husband convinces the family to hire you as a maid, and you go work for them. But, there are a lot of families that wouldn't like that because they want both the driver and the maid to be available to them 24/7. Also, what if you get pregnant? Will the family be ok with that?

    Sorry, but I think the chances of you joining your husband are very small. :(

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    exactly as live4 says....

    a driver doesnt make enough to support a family.. this is a difficult situation.. Most drivers are hired by personal families, they live usually in a small room exclusively for them.. just 1 bed, a small toilet, just to small to house a family or a wife..

    This brings added burdons to the family if you want to come..

    Also if you were hired as a maid in the home.. What about your private time with your husband?... I dont think they want their children thinking about this... and if you get pregnant.. that will bring added expense to the sponsor family also..

    and what if you had a spat with your husband?.. You and he wouldnt work properly for a bit.. more stress and problems for the host family... Just the distraction alone is enough to cause problems.. Also some religios fanatics might chalange the family and ask if you two are married.. There again, you'd constantly be challenged.. Too many problems..

    One of my friends has a housemaid, who they allowed to marry while she was here.. Her husband doesnt work for the family.. He works somewhere else in town.. The family allows their housemaid 1 day a week off to go visit her husband (24hours)... This arrangement seems to work for them.. but what if he gets fired, or she wants to quit?.. Too many problems to think about..


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