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Can I be held liable for reporting an illegal alien to Immigration?

I want to know if I can be held liable if I reported a family of illegal aliens to ICE. I reported my ex-girlfriends family to ICE, I know that they are all here in the U.S. Illegally and that they are working "under the table" as well as using false SS#'s.

I felt it was my moral obligation as an American citizen to report these people to the proper authorities. The father and grandfather were arrested at their place of employment and her sister was arrested at their house. The mother and my ex are the only ones left, only because my ex has her papers already, but the mother reportedly has gone into hiding.

I want to know if they can turn around and sue me for turning them into the immigration service? Can ICE devulge the identity of the informant or is that confidential information?

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    They cant and wont charge you for anything because it takes a trure American to do this type of reporting,

    Thanx for a job well done

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    You cannot be sued, it is considered not only legal but your responsibility to report to authorities anyone who is breaking the law. Since the authorities acted on the information it is obvious that the information was not misleading.

    I would like to add, however, that it is pretty obvious that your motivation was revenge and had nothing to do with a sense of duty to your country. Not nice, but completely legal, and there is nothing that you could be found liable for, which is what would have to happen in order for them to sue you.

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    i might want to be conscious of why posters that have interior the previous stated all and sundry supporting and abetting are not up in palms. i'm guessing your ethical criminal duty grew to become a certainty while she grew to become your ex female pal. on the grounds which you knew that they've been all here illegally, worked below the table and used fake social securities numbers i might say which you have been only as responsible of violating the guidelines as they have been. perhaps you need to contemplate approximately confessing your guy or woman crimes? As for ICE liberating any preparation of you reporting them, something makes me sense you took the nameless chicken way out and not in any respect gave a recognition. so which you would be able to relax for a on an analogous time as as you stated the only ones left are your ex and the hiding mom that's except you're frightened approximately those 2 whomping on you.

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    OK...litlle legal session here: Slander is the spoken form of defamation of character, Liable is the written. Defamation of character can only be used in court when you say or write something you know to be false. They can't do anything if you were telling the truth, and by the way, Yay for you for doing something extremely hard, but I just hope you were doing it for the right reasons and not to get back at you gf.

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    You cannot get in any trouble for doing this and I would imagine they know who turned them in. You did the right thing, but I find it very ironic and hypocritical that while she was your girlfriend, it was fine for her family to be in the country, but when you break up, you turn them all in. Wow, payback's a b*&^$! I'd hate to date someone like you and it end badly. If you would have an entire family deported over whatever she did to you, I'd say you'd go pretty far! No, they shouldn't be here in the first place and I agree that the illegals need to be deported. But it shouldn't have been fine with you for them to be here when you were dating your ex. You didn't turn them in to help the country, you did it for paybacks.

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    they cant sue you if they truly aren't here if their green card has expired or if they dont have one. now if they have one and it hasn't expired, they dont pay taxes anyway and can press harassment against you...which usually just ends up with a restraining order or lost wages if they can prove what they lost financially due to the inconvenience but since they work for cash it would be hard to prove.

    and they can refuse to renew your ex's green card or even revoke it because she was harboring, when someone enters our country they have til the close of 2 business days to apply before they are considered illegally here. if she knowingly harbored illegals, that is a crime in our country.

    Source(s): happily married to a half breed mexican whose father went threw it.
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    They Might try to sue you. The ACLU might stick their treasonous nose in it! They might even try to sue the government, which seems to be the norm these days.

    Turn them in anyways! A few years ago, an illegal alien stole my identification, I found out where he was working and I Ratted him out! He has yet to sue me! I encourage you, do it!

    Source(s): Strike a blow for justice; deck an ACLU atourney! I had my identification stolen by a pisa mojado! And I can say that because I am a Mexican-American. Oh yeah, and I vote Conservative, and NOT liberal!
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    I'm sure it is confidential, but shouldn't you have asked this question to ICE before you reported them.

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    Liable for what? Doing your civic duty? Please, if more people would report these criminals, we wouldn't have the problems we do now. ILLEGALS can't sue you because they would have to go through the courts and that's one place they don't want to be caught given their illegal standing.

    I say report them all and you have my appreciation and the thanks of the majority of America.

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    They can't sue you, you did nothing wrong. They aren't supposed to be here. ICE will probably not divulge your identity, they have no reason to.

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