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PETA wants Gabriel Saez, the jockey riding Eight Belles in the KY Derby suspended. Agree or disagree?

I strongly disagree with PETA ON THIS ONE! I was at the Derby and Eight Belles showed no indications there was anything wrong with her. She just simply went down at the last minute--the Jockey had nothing to do with any of it! Larry Jones, the trainer of Eight Belles, wouldn't have ran the filly is he had thought anything was wrong with her. Also, keep in mind here that the jockey, Gabriel Saez, could have gotten hurt or worse. How do ya'll feel about this?

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    Peta needs to get their heads out of their a--es and butt out of this one. It had nothing to do with the jockey. I remember many years ago there was a race between two horses to see who would win. Ruffian was a Philly,but, for some reason, I can't remember the other horses name. Any way, she was winning and all of a sudden she goes down, hard. She had broken her legs too, She is buried under the flag pole at Belmont. It's so sad what happened to both Ruffian and Eight Belles but, it just happened, it's nobody's fault.

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    The jockey did not purposefully break the horse's legs with his own hands, and did absolutely nothing to her but ride her. It is by no means his fault that she broke his legs, and PETA is just once again showing how little they know about pretty much anything related to animals. If an animal gets hurt in any way, in any interaction with a human, it is ALWAYS the human's fault, apparently. Even if someone was riding a horse, and it spooked from some animal on a trail, and it ended up galloping into a dangerous area and tripping, causing the horse to ruin its legs and injure its rider, it would STILL somehow be the person's fault.

    I love animals, and I'm all for treating them nicely, and arresting people that abuse them...but this is ridiculous. Gabriel Saez ran a clean race, and did nothing that could have hurt Eight Belles.

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    The jockey did no longer purposefully wreck the pony's legs along with his very own arms, and did easily no longer something to her yet holiday her. it is via no potential his fault that she broke his legs, and PETA is purely as quickly as returned exhibiting how little they be attentive to roughly particularly lots something touching directly to animals. If an animal gets harm in any way, in any interplay with a human, it is often the human's fault, curiously. whether somebody became driving a horse, and it spooked from some animal on a path, and it ended up galloping right into a unfavourable section and tripping, inflicting the pony to destroy its legs and injure its rider, it may nonetheless a technique or the different be the guy's fault. i like animals, and that i'm inquisitive approximately treating them correct, and arresting those that abuse them...yet it is ridiculous. Gabriel Saez ran a sparkling race, and did no longer something that would have harm 8 Belles.

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    I'm not a fan of Peta. Most of them live in a fairy tale out in left field. These race horses are generally treated top of the line. Peta tries to victimize everything.

    Unless it was intended to be the horse's last race, its owners have a lot more riding on it than to blow it all in one race. Most jockeys are compassionate towards their horse, and likely would not push it past the brink if he was aware of a problem. And the trainers future rides on decisions they make every day.

    Peta can stuff it.

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    PETA is another group that consists of liberal leftist extremists..... They splash "red paint" symbolizing blood on people that wear leather or fur clothing..... They hold "die-ins" and practice civil disobedience when protesting stuff like "dead cockroaches", "circus animal behavior" or "bird habitats" are threatened.....

    I feel sorry for the horse, but considering they cannot be easily "repaired" or fitted with prostetics like humans when broken limbs occur, freak accidents such as this and the one that occurred to Barbero are unfortunate, but PETA always has to point fingers and blame others when accidents do happen and the trainers/jockeys don't hurt their animals on purpose.

    The world would be a better place if PETA and Greenpeace just concentrates on preserving the wildlife of the world and not wasting their time on issues that don't have to do with animal abuse.

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    Even though I feel the trainer and the jockey did nothing wrong in this instance, I think it would be prudent for both to be suspended pending further investigation anytime there is a catastrophic injury like this. In most cases there is no blame to be had but we have to be sure. It would be another way to deter some of the shady dealing that happen at the track. This is no different than when a pilot is suspended after an iccident in the air or a police officer is suspended after a discharge of their weapon. This would just create and better series of checks and balances to help keep things on the up and up!

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    I'm with you. The jockey didn't do anything wrong. PETA is just looking for their usual moment in the spotlight. I'm all for keeping the horses safe but PETA obviously doesn't know what they are taling about if they are trying to hold the jockey responsible for this tragic accident. He just rode her, in the manner instructed by the trainer. As you said, the trainer would have scratched her if he knew there was anything wrong with her.

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    If peta would STFU, and put more effort and passion into saving human lives and the planet the world would be a better place! Feed the starving children! Save the planet! Kill rapists, murderers, and child molesters! After the humans are safe then go back to saving the animals! I love animals but we need to fix us first!

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    I think if PETA truly wants to help promote animal welfare, they should fund it.

    This is was a very unfortunate event, but they are over-reacting...shocker!

    You have to take them for what they are. they are group that has one goal, and no matter how noble that goal is they take it to an extreme level. This makes them bias going into any situation, especially ones like this where 1.5-2 horses out of 1000 die during races.

    this is not a crisis nor is it cause for national action. You'd think more people in our nation would care about a true tragedy like what is occurring in Myanmar.

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    Thats just DUMB!! I am going to have to look that one up!!!

    He did nothing wrong!

    Its a shame that an animal had to die, and even worse that it is a common occurance in horse racing. It's kinda like training them for an early death.

    But still the jockey did nothing wrong.

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