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Which of these candidate is against corruption and cooperate giant profit?

If a campaign is financed by this guys -

An America/Nigerian oils guru(?fugitive)

Can that candidate truly fight for you?

If McCain wrote a letter to speed up the $3.5 billion Air Bus contract that went to Europe instead of USA and his campaign avdvisers are the lobbyist behind the deal, will McCain truly fight for you?

Old white house politician/Millionairs think together, eat together and stick together and you will be left high and dry?.

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    of course everyone's gonna say obama, because he's like god to people or something. the only problem is, obama has fallen into the whole corruption issue. he lives for pleasing the rich.

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    All of the candidates are for sale,give me a break if you think any of them are for "the people" They are for whom ever will help get them elected.If you were to take a closer look at the Boeing deal,I hate that we are going to Europe to buy these planes,that being said,maybe Boeing should have been more competitive.The plane was not as good as the airbus plane.It had a shorter distance of flight and would be less effective than the Boeing.You will find that Obama and Hilliary have donations from large corporations also,they are just being given a pass on who it is.Once the GOP start digging the slime will ooze to the surface and of course be ignored by Democrats.

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    What a load of rubbish. All of them have question marks about them. The best result for the country is gridlock. You cannot trust any of them. Senator McCain should be fighting it out with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid and we will get a moderate result, that we can all live with.

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    McCain needs to address this question as it will certainly be brought up in the general election.

    (It's already known Murtha's hoof-prints are all over that contract, but I hope McCain isn't involved to the same extent)

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    If congress turns to be an embodiment of corruption, obviously Anna Hazare's wrestle antagonistic to corruption might want to be a wrestle antagonistic to the congress purely as congress turns into synonymous with corruption.! it really is a litmus attempt for congress to herald an anti-corruption bill .No party might want to have the middle to oppose the bill and the congress coalition having a majority interior the LOK SABHA, it merely isn't challenge for it to bypass it the nature of the different political activities also might want to be uncovered if congress proposes a bill .in spite of the indisputable fact that the priority is that the congress party itself is delaying the bill and is making an attempt not straightforward to create rift in crew Anna and to tarnish its image truly of operating for the bill and the people of the country are observing it .No political party can proceed to fool the people for ever .The events of the congress are purely casting doubts on its intentions and personality which seems anti-people .and professional-corruption .The BJP seems making capital out of the lethargy and folly of the congress. If the congress forces Anna Hazare to artwork antagonistic to itself , it is the BJP that would want to learn. there is not any need of blaming Anna Hazare as he does it purely after cautioning the congress Dr.Singh stated very unintelligently that the enactment of a reliable regulation received't by technique of itself remove corruption from public existence and that it will be carried out diligently..that does no longer practice to the anti-coruption regulation on my own ; yet to all guidelines .Do theGovernment do no longer bypass any regulation because it lacks people to implement it diligently or does he admi that his govenment isn't imposing any regulation diligently? the software of any regulation is merely the subsequent step .the enactment of the regulation is the first step.Dr.singhis no longer interesed interior the enactment of the laew as he lacks ideal people to implement it !.te probelm with the academically higly qualified people is that lack functional ideas and aregive n to illogical rhetoric the position functional action is mandatory . Dr.singh's goernment is accused of non performance maily because of one of those behaviour .

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    They are all rich or at the very least, connected to people who are.

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    None of them are against this because all of them benefit from it.

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