HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop problem. Doesn't load.?


I've got serious problem with my DV6000 laptop and I would be very happy if someone could help me to sort the problem out. Basically the computer was working fine, I have shut it down and then when I was turning on - it doesn't turn on. I press the Power Button, the lights go on and then after few seconds they go off... I try to press the power button again, but the same thing happen - lights go on and after few seconds they go off... Maybe someone knows what could be the problem. Thank you,

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The screen is blank, it doesn't go on.


I press the power button, those blue quickplay buttons above the keyboard go on and the go off in a matter of few seconds... ;(

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    So, the screen doesn't come on - at all - with this? If it does, I would try putting the recovery CD/DVD in the drive, and reformatting. It sounds like it could be a virus, as most either deploy when you shut down, or when you open the infected program. If it is a virus, reformatting typically gets rid of it. If that doesn't, I'm going to have to say that it's your hard drive that is messed up.

    Another thing, when you push the power button, do you hear any noise? Like a spinning noise? If you do, then your hard drive is spinning - and this can either be a good or a bad thing. If it is spinning, then you've probably got a chance to recover data. (Pull the drive out, change the jumpers to SECONDARY/SLAVE, and put it in another machine. External preferred.) If this is not the case, I would guess that it's something that's infected the system board.

    Hope this helps.

    -ABC :)

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    4 years ago

    probable broke the frustratingpersistent.. what happens, in case you drop it on an analogous time as thepersistent is spinning (the drop must be 5 ft or 5 inches), the needle that reads the information, crashes into the platter (kinda of like a checklist participant). reason a significant scratch, and thepersistent is not used. in case you purely offered it a month in the past, seem at your guarantee. you need to have a minimum of a million 300 and sixty 5 days. in case you do have that, call HP. clarify to them which you would be able to not load homestead windows, and you think of that the frustratingpersistent is undesirable. they'll probable run you by way of some attempt on the telephone. they'll replace the broken hardware, yet you're responsible for loading the OS returned on. you need to have restoration disk that got here with the computing device.

  • cabz0r
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    try plugging the power cord in, and then trying to turn it on again, symptoms of a flat battery.

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    1 decade ago

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