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Why is it that when I talk about Japanese whaling, the answers are about Japanese war crimes in WWII?

Please read first . . .

I am a Japanese and I know the horrible crimes that Japan committed during WWII. Whenever I ask about whaling and the Japanese, at least one of the responses criticize Japan for its war crimes. Why do people (mainly westerners, I am assuming) hate and criticize the Japanese TODAY for what the Japanese SOLDIERS did OVER HALF A CENTURY AGO? They bring it up whenever I talk about current Japanese environmental crimes. I'm not saying it's not related given what I wrote in my whaling questions, but people talk about it with so much hatred as if the Japanese today are not aware of it, or as if the Japanese today (including I) committed those crimes and are guilty.


Japan has paid numerous amounts of money to China and apologized numerous amounts of times, yet the west believes the Chinese who says that Japan hasn't admitted to its war crimes nor apologized. Now that the China/Tibet issue is getting fired up, westerners talk about how the Chinese are wrong and brainwashed because of the censorship present in their communist society. Given this limitation, do you still believe the Chinese’s words that Japan hasn't done anything to compensate for their actions towards them in WWII? Don’t you think that the Chinese government isn’t telling its people that Japan has compensated, just like how it’s not telling its people that it killed the Tibetans?

Please tell me what you think. I want to clear things up.

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    just as with our civil war and those who still call for reparations over 120yrs later, you are dealing with the same mindset. My dad fought in WW2 and he got to the point he could forgive and forget, it is hard,but the human, and right thing to do. Whaling is an issue to its own, i dont think it is necessary and the whale population is becoming extinct. I dont really see the need for it, in that since it is as keeping to old ways that are no longer positive as with the peole you are talking about clinging to old feelings.

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    That is a very difficult question to answer. I'm sure everyone knows about the Soviet gulags, the nazi death camps, and the Japanese had their own camps and performed heinous human experiments on prisoners, including performing autopsies on prisoners while they were still alive. Are we comparing particularly gruesome acts, who did the most horrible acts to whom? Or are we comparing numbers of people murdered, maimed or emotionally scarred? The nazis "liquidated" twelve million, the Japanese regime less than that. The count for the losses the Soviets suffered in World War 2 is a staggering 23 million. Surely the nazi war machine could not have been that efficient, and it is likely that many of these poor folk were actually killed off by the NKVD (before they became the KGB) so it's possible that in a numbers game, Stalin may be on top. But it's not a numbers game! These are people. These are men, women, boys, girls, and if you would ever have had the priviledge to meet any of these people, maybe one of them might have would have wound up being your very bestest friend. The kind of friend that if anyone would make any racist or ethnic hate comment about, you'd want to really beat that person hard for dissing your bud or girlfriend like that. If it only happens to one it might as well be millions, because every person is an individual, with feelings, with a life, who has loved and laughed, and had good times and bad, been happy, sad, angry and afraid... and toward the end, very, very afraid, and feeling lost and alone, with no hope whatsoever that the cavalry or the 82nd or 101st Airborne would arrive in time to rescue that poor, lonely, frightened, and crying man, woman, boy or girl. Please... tell me you understand! I didn't know answering yahoo questions can make you cry...

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    I have never heard anyone compare whaling and Japanese war crime in the same sentence. Nor have I ever heard anyone just bring up in conversation anything about what Japan did in the war. The only time I hear anything is Dec 7th in remembrance of Pearl Harbor. I'm not sure how old you are but I'm 38 and really anytime WWII is brought up in conversation there is always more talk about Germany then Japan. Personally I find Japan's culture fascinating but I like ancient cultures. . And what did this have to do with Whaling. Here you go, my outtake on Whaling it is about as necessary as a Silverback Gorilla hand ashtray. About the only place I see it as necessary is native people still actually use the blubber and skin and meat to survive. Taking a huge animal like that out of the sea and just taking this part or that part is outrageous.welcome to the 21st century.

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    You should hear the things that they say about the United States. I am going to assume that the ones bringing up Japan's war crimes were from Western Europe. The reason most likely being that Japan and the United States are not socialists and are both doing extremely well in terms of prosperity. That being said, the European establishment is very anti American and takes whatever chance it has to attack the United States and its priorities and values. Japan shares some of these values such as hard work and priorities like the advancements in math and sciences so some of the hate for the United States might be transferred to Japan as well. That and Japan is an ally of the united States and even aided it in Iraq, more reason, in their eyes, to despise the Japanese.

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    japan has ignored it's past (textbooks etc forget this part of history) to some extent

    the problem with japan and whaling is that japan is using the world whaling commission to try to legitamise its actions and everyone knows that the WWC is a joke with votes brought japan also trys to use the excuse of scientific research when everyone knows it is for food and prestige japan which wont let foriengers buy land in japan is clear felling old growth forrests aroung the world

    if you dont want it to happen in your house dont do it in others houses

    on another note the war was only over 63 years ago many people feel that the japanese were not punished enough for the atrocitys they performed (against china, australia, new zealand, england) the govts of the allies made appeasments to japan that the people of thoese countrys did not agree with (the joys of imperfect democracy)

    hopefully now all this is in the past and we can fogive and forget

    japan should say "we like eating whales" maybe people would accept it more

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    The japanese of today and there children are not to blame for there past generation acts of war towards another nation .Instead people of today should be taught custom that comes from other country like japan .I do not like the atom bomb because it takes away more than people it poisons the earth and what good is this .I hold no hate towards former waring country's instead tradition is stronder and better to learn than hate.David

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    beats me.

    but here's a topic switch for ya....

    Japan really should put a stop to the whaling, I'm sure everything that is gotten from the whale can be made synthetically or gotten from animals that aren't endangered.

    Perhaps the government should just buy up all their boats and redesign them to be used as something else. and give all the sailors that do the work cushy jobs somewhere so that there isn't anyone around that knows how to be a whaler.

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    Most of us realize that the Japanese today are not the Japanese of WW2. I love what I see in the Media about Japan and would love to visit someday.

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    Because Yahoo! gives you 2 points - no matter what the answer. It's easier to just throw out anything than to actually read the question and give a sensible answer.

    It doesn't matter that people on Yahoo! thinks an answer is the mindless ravings of an idiot - points are the same whether it makes sense or not.

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    Only because there were a few arrogant people in high offices in Japan that refused to believe that they were wrong in what was done, just like the holocaust. But don't let a few jerks that can't let it go here; bother you.Life is too short and it will pass with time. Good luck sweetie.

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