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What is mercury powder?

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    1 decade ago
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    Mercury is a liquid metal at room temp, never a solid or powder. However, it can be combined with other things to form an alloy, such as with silver, or a chemical like the disinfectant Mercurochrome, which are solids and can be made into powders.

    Josh- I know mercury can freeze solid, I was talking about room temp conditions. It would be tricky to file the solid into a powder because the air temp, file temp, and whatever you held it with would all have to be -38 deg F. I imagine it could be very hard to hold onto if it melted on contact with your gloves.

    Furthermore, solid mercury is soft, like lead and sodium which tends to make it a bit more difficult to file them into fine pieces like a more brittle metal. Filing sodium is kind of like filing a piece of frozen butter.

    Source(s): Research & Analytical Chemist 34 years
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  • 1 decade ago

    Im guessing it is mercury (metal which is liquid at room temp) which has been cooled below its freezing point and then crushed to make powder

    Ps. Above note: Almost everything has a liquid, solid and gas form! perhaps the one exeption to this is dry ice! yes, mercury can be solid, liquid and/or gas.

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