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The adventures of Tom Sawyer 尼本書邊一part最好睇?中英都ok架! ^^ thx

作者:Mark Twain

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    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, is a popular 1876 novel about a young boy growing up in the Antebellum South on the Mississippi River in St. Petersburg.

    About the Book

    Tom Sawyer, a mischievous redheaded orphan taken in by his Aunt Polly, goes through a series of adventures involving his friends, Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn. Tom is an escape master, and a professional trickster. He escapes punishment many times by his tricks. Though he is often foolish and unpredictable, he also is somewhat smart and has a good sense of humor. When not trying to win his sweetheart, Becky Thatcher, Tom is either getting into mischief or going on an adventure. Many times, Tom suddenly changes from his grinning self into a fearsome pirate or Indian. His laugh changes into a bloodcurdling yell or a barking captain's voice. Tom Sawyer's main doings are racing bugs, impressing girls with fights and stunts in the schoolyard, getting lost in a cave, and playing pirates on the Mississippi River. The best-known passage in the book describes how Sawyer persuades his friends to white-wash, or paint, a long fence for him. In this book, Mark Twain is trying to depict the fun of boyhood.

    Literary significance & criticism

    The Sales of Tom Sawyer were lukewarm at first. It initially sold less than a third as many copies as Twain's Innocents Abroad, which sold about 70copies during that time period. By the time of Twain's death, however, Tom Sawyer was both an American classic and a bestseller.

    Tom Sawyer also appears in three other Mark Twain books:

    1.Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884)

    2.Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894)

    3.Tom Sawyer, Detective (1896)

    Of these, Huckleberry Finn, in which Tom Sawyer is only a minor character, is considered to have, by far, the most literary merit

    Source(s): The Adventures of Tom Sawyer(湯姆歷險記)
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