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migration shortcomings

Sometimes I can not tell out all circumstances

so I come to ask for help.

Please hold up some migration shortcomings,

and explane it.

It would be better if you add examples...

only English...

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    Migration disadvantages

    1 Changes in population distribution

    - Home country: less people -> scarce population -> difficult to support social welfare

    - New country : more people -> dense population -> inadequate resources

    2 Changes in working population

    - Home country: less working force -> less wealth created -> worse economy

    - New country : more working force -> excessive labour -> difficult to increase wages

    3 Mixing of different cultures and races

    - Home country: less successors of tradtional culture, overide by foreigners (migration > immigration)

    - New country : cultural conflict, racial conflict, racial discrimination, racism

    4 demographic consequences (changes in age group population)

    - Home country: youth leaving, aged staying -> shrinking population -> economic impact

    - New country :

    5 Infrastructure

    - New country : more inflow of people -> need to build more houses, schools, etc.


    Human migration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Hope the above helps.

    Source(s): Wiki
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