Lab internship's interview~~超急


我後天有一個 internship的 interview



你好!我今年是大學二年級 我的主修是biology








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    Hi! I am currently a Sophomore in Biology. I really hope to get this internship! I love working in the lab. In fact, I am volunteering at a lab in my school now, so I have some lab experience. I want to take this opportunity to broaden my perspective, so to help decide the future direction for my studies.

    side note: If you are trying to get an internship, show initiative. You can talk more specifically about why you want THIS internship instead of another one (e.g., the concept of signal transduction pathway has always fascinated me.); and emphasis on being productive (quick learner, willing to work long hours instead of partying, etc..) usually helps, at least for American labs.

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    How are you ? I am a sophomore in college. My major is Biology.

    I enjoy all kinds of work in the lab and I am currently a volunteer of a Lab in school, therefore, I am already somewhat experienced in the lab work

    I hoping to join this internship as a way to braoden my mind and vision and to assist me to better myself and to confirm of what I'm looking for in the furture.

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    How are you ? I am a sophomore student in college .

    my major subject is Biology.

    I hope I can join the internship.

    I like to working in the Lab when I was in ???? (可以以寫任何時期)

    I am a volunteer in a Lab at school.

    so I kind of know what should do in the Lab.

    I want to go through this internship as a way of braoden my mind

    and to assure what I want in the future.

    有幫你修了一點點 但是原意相差不多

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