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UC Irvine housing HELP!


I am going to transfer to UCI this Fall, and I wanna ask about housing around there.

I search some housing around area and find out that Irvine is way too expensive, Costa Mesa is cheaper, and Santa Ana is a little cheaper than Costa Mesa.

Here are some questions,

(Since I have a car, so less than 20 mins driving is ok for me)

1. Which area do UCI students prefer for living?

(it can be other city)

2.Which area is better? more close to nice plaza, asian market.

3. Which area is more safe?

4. other opinions?



Sun, Thank you for response.

Im looking for 1 bed 1 bath, but when I search IRVINE city its like 1500, so I think nearby city its better for me. (aboout 1000-1200)

Update 2:

Do you know about Campus housing? I saw there are some new on campus housing called "Vista del Campo/ VdC Norte" their one bed room its around 1100 and I think its include everything (pg&e, internet...)

Update 3:

If you know someone live there, I wanna know people's comment of the "Vista del Campo/ VdC Norte" on campus housing.

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    1.Irvine 2.Newport beach 3.costa mesa 4. tustin

    學生還是比較喜歡住靠近學校,很多人就2,3個人share one bedroom




    one bedroom apartment, only you

    找sublease two bedroom apartment



    2008-05-05 13:30:53 補充:

    Campus housing很難申請得到,你可以申請看看,不過最好不要抱太大的期望

    你說的那些campus housing,都很棒,很新..我去看過



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