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what exactly are those "American traditional Values" that most talk about?

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    It basically means being a complete Republican.. :)

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    I have no idea. The "traditional" values of America are pretty lousy. White Christian men are the only ones fit to vote, and everyone else should either be a slave or treated like a child. If you're the wrong color or the wrong religion, you can't live in certain neighborhoods or go to certain schools. Freedom of speech is great, unless you say something unpopular, in which case it's ok to kill or imprison you. If another country becomes inconvenient, or if you want their overseas territories, find a phony reason to declare war against them (that's how we got Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.)

    I like our modern values a LOT more than the traditional values. We're supposed to be better and smarter than our ancestors.

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    lifestyle is an extremely complicated project to describe. that's not abruptly born inspite of the undeniable fact that it slowly evolves. the u . s . remains an extremely youthful usa with a historic previous of couple of hundred years. interior the previous worldwide some cultures date thousands of years. China, Japan, India, Iran, Arabs, Greeks, and the hot young ones on the block Europe to call some. the final public of folk interior a lifestyle share aspects of historic previous, traditions, language, faith and so on. The extra remoted a set of folk are the extra uniform the lifestyle has a tendency to be. inhabitants numbers additionally are mandatory. maximum of Europe has developed during the roman-catholic-christian evolution of techniques the Latin language and many of rather interior reach customs between the exception is Greece Orthodox faith, Greek language, no center a while-feudal gadget. As maximum human beings are eu immigrants of their majority(blacks have been delivered over forcefully and not allowed to coach something) the american lifestyle has sure ties with Europe yet is evolving its very own variety. The interior reach cultures have yet thoroughly been worn out by using the dominant eu.. no longer there yet yet engaged on it.

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    Traditional values: Honesty, integrity, courage, selflessness, love, commitment, forgiveness, humility, Perseverance, Self sacrifice, Acceptance, Faith

    Today's popular culture values: popularity, coolness, Thrills, pleasure, music, sex appeal, diversity

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