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Which songs/cds from Any American idol(winner or contestant) do you have?!?

some people may be noticing that I ask ALOT of AI i just love that show and love hearing other peoples opinions on it, but im seriously only on this thing for a total of about 10 minutes a day! ok thats all! lol


now im gunna answer my own question cuz im cool like that lol.

I just bought Jordin Sparks cd yesterday and its AMAZING!!! its really cool and way differant that what you'd expect.

I also have Kelly Clarksons Breakaway cd, but my fave would have to be...Daughtry! that cd is pure amazingness!! and I also have carrie Underwood's song 'Jesus take the wheel'(im the least religious person ever but that song is amazing!!) and her winning single.

and from this season I have Jasons studio versions of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' and 'Travellin Thru'. I havent gotten round to getting any of the davids songs yet, but I will!

Update 2:

Oh yeah, V!, I have Blakes 'You Give Love A Bad Name' as well! That was sooooo freakin awesome!

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    i have the kelly clarkson & carrie underwood CDs

    and i have the jordin sparks CD on my ipod.

    for the current american idols.. i have just about every song that david archuletta sang! i <3 him!!!!


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    I have the following:

    Season One

    Kelly Clarkson:



    My December

    Justin Guarini:

    Justin Guarini

    Season Two

    Clay Aiken:

    This Is The Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water (single)

    Measure Of A Man

    Merry Christmas With Love

    A Thousand Different Ways

    All Is Well (Christmas EP)

    A Thousand Different Ways

    On My Way Here (Will buy his newer cd sometime this week)

    Season Three

    The Top 12:

    Compilation CD

    Season Four

    Bo Bice:

    Inside Your Heaven/Vehicle (single)

    The Real Thing

    See The Light

    Season Five

    Taylor Hicks:

    Do I Make You Proud/Takin' It To The Streets (Single)

    Elliott Yamin:

    Elliott Yamin



    Season Six

    Blake Lewis:

    Audio Day Dream

    Season Seven Contestants I Would Buy CDs From

    1. David Cook

    2. Jason Castro

    3. Maybe Brooke White

    4. Maybe Michael Johns

    5. Maybe Carly Smithson

    6. Maybe Garrett Haley

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    Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Kimberly Locke, everysong from David Cook, and a couple from Micheal Johns, David Archuletta, and Jason Castro.

    This season is by far my favorite.

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    I have about 5 Daugtry songs on my iPod! A few Kelly Clarkson songs as well, & though I'm definitely not a country music person, I admit I have a Carrie Underwood song. I have Blake Lewis's "You Give Love a Bad Name" studio version, which he sang last season.

    For current contestants, I have a lot of songs in total. I literally have every David Cook song. A few songs from Carly, Ramiele, Jason, Brooke & Michael also.

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    I have the following:

    Kelly Clarkson:

    -Breakaway, Thankful and My December

    Chris Daughtry:


    Clay Aiken:

    -Measuer Of A Man

    Elliot Yamin:

    -Elliot Yamin

    Blake Lewis:

    -Audio Daydream

    I also have all the CD's featuring the season 2 contestants.

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    I have all of Kelly Clarkson's cd's, Clay Aikens (as well as his christmas cd), Daughtry and Carrie Underwood. I'm really wanting to get Blake's cd but haven't yet.

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    Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, hey is blakes nice, im not really sure...

  • Anonymous
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    I have Bo Bice's The Real Thing and See the Light

    and Bucky Covington's cd.

  • hern
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    Dont particularly watch it i seize bits and products as quickly as I walk previous n my fam is observing it however the former day i observed that adam guy n the way he sung ring of fireplace replaced into unusual yet i style of loved it!

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    Taylor Hicks but then I am an over 45 old time rock'nroller

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