School, Pastors?

What is a good school where one can study to become a Pastor? I am planning on becoming a Pastor and maybe going into Missions to teach God's word to people around the world.


I am Presbyterian

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  • Rahab
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    1 decade ago
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    That depends upon which denomination you are affiliated with.

    Edit: Oh stinky, Marvin got in before me.... lol

    Here is a list of Presbyterian Colleges & Universities:

    (This time I got it in before Marvin. lol)

    Agnes Scott College

    College of Idaho

    Alma College

    Arcadia University

    Austin College

    Barber-Scotia College

    Belhaven College

    Blackburn College

    Bloomfield College

    Buena Vista University

    Carrol College

    Centre College

    Coe College

    College of the Ozarks

    College of Wooster

    Cook College and Theological School

    Davidson College

    Davis & Elkins College

    Eckerd College

    Grove City College

    Hampden-Sydney College

    Hanover College

    Hastings College

    Illinois College

    Jamestown College

    Johnson C. Smith University

    King College

    Knoxville College

    Lake Forest College

    Lees-McRae College

    Lindenwood University

    Lyon College

    Macalester College

    Mary Baldwin College

    Maryville College

    Millikin University

    Missouri Valley College

    Monmouth College

    Montreat College

    Muskingum College

    Peace College

    Pikeville College

    Presbyterian College

    Queens University of Charlotte

    Rhodes College

    Rocky Mountain College

    Schreiner University

    Sheldon Jackson College

    St. Andrews Presbyterian College

    Stillman College

    Trinity University

    Tusculum College

    Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico

    University of Dubuque

    University of the Ozarks

    University of Tulsa

    Warren Wilson College

    Waynesburg University

    Westminster College (MO)

    Westminster College (PA)

    Westminster College (UT)

    Whitworth University

    Wilson College

    Here is a list of the top 10 seminaries authorized by the Presbyterian Church

    Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

    Austin, Texas

    Columbia Theological Seminary

    Decatur, Georgia

    University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

    Dubuque, Iowa

    Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

    Louisville, Kentucky

    McCormick Theological Seminary

    Chicago, lllinois

    Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Princeton Theological Seminary

    Princeton, New Jersey

    San Francisco Theological Seminary

    San Anselmo and Pasadena, California

    Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education

    Richmond, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina

    Also, those associated by charter:

    Auburn Theological Seminary

    New York, New York

    Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

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  • Dawn C
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    1 decade ago

    Lincoln Christian College in Illinois is a good place. They are very balanced and teach the Word there. They do not have liberal professors who question the validity of the Bible. Be careful- not all seminaries are alike. Be sure you ask them their core beliefs about what they truly believe. Do they believe Jesus is the only way of salvation? Do they believe in the resurrection, the virgin birth, the miracles of the Bible? There are a lot of liberal theological seminaries out there that are teaching incorrect doctrine.

    Some others that are good:

    Dallas Theological Seminary is another good one. Also Southwest Baptist (Texas)

    Westminster Seminary in California

    Fuller in southern CA

    Most of the Lutheran from the Missouri Synod

    Source(s): Our pastor just recommended these to me.
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  • 1 decade ago

    There is no school better than the school of hard knocks.

    Are you in a church now? What are you doing there?

    Evangelizing, discipling and starting home groups are the training you need to do missions. There is a great organization called Youth With a Mission (I think it is that does missions training.

    I am a missionary, if you want more info, feel free to drop me an e-mail. Lord bless.

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  • godde
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    3 years ago

    no rely if that's for a college club or an extracurricular type interest the place noone is compelled and the preacher grow to be invited via a pupil team then there's no reason they shouldnt be allowed. they should not be allowed to circulate from pupil to pupil, yet there's no reason they cant use a college room to hold a spiritual type lesson in the event that they want. churches use colleges continuously on sundays. Tax funds is getting used for those homes and if a woman scout troop can use the homes that have no longer something to do with college then why cant a prayer team? Noones rights are being violated in the event that they arent compelled to take section or being compelled throughout college. Seperation of church and state doesnt advise that something that has to do with faith cant step foot onto public assets. It basically potential that a individual cant be compelled to take section in a spiritual interest via the gvt. If noone is being compelled and its component of a few church club on campus in a room the place basically people who want to take section are being afflicted, then who cares? religious human beings are component of the community, too. If one community team is permitted to apply the homes for motives different than college, then religious communities might desire to be allowed to boot.

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  • J.
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    1 decade ago

    If you are going o be a pastor, then start with your pastor. He should know about available seminaries.

    Source(s): Bible
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  • 1 decade ago

    Jou go to glue school. Be good pastor.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ask your own pastor.....and people around the world need food, clean water, and jobs.....far more than preaching.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ask your Pastor for help!

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  • 1 decade ago

    That would depend on what denomination you are a part of.

    Help us out Chris. Sorry Rahab :-)

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  • 1 decade ago

    seminary near to where you live

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