What does the White Stag Represent In Narnia?

I would say more but I'm dead tired.

In the Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe..at the end the Pevensie siblings are following the white stag through the forest and it leads them back to the lamp post...


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    C S Lewis uses a myriad mythologies, and the White Stag features in Middle European folklore. In the books, if you catch it, it will grant a wish.

    I think it's one of Aslan's mysterious manifestations; the time in Narnia is up for the Pevensies, and the hunt leads them home. If you remember, Aslan appears in various ways, sometimes appearing to the children one by one as they believe in him, and in "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" he appears as a Lamb.

    "... in Celtic mythology, white or albino animals are not seen as portents of future trials, but expressions of magic and mystery, strange and rare occurrences to be seen as powerful and unique phenomenon. I believe there are stories of several heroes who see white deer and are given power towards their quests..."


    In Celtic mythology, a white stag is also seen as a guide between worlds.

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    White Stag Narnia

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    Hey i read this sometime back on some site. The White Stag can grant wishes to the person who catches him. This is what is given in Chronicles of Narnia- The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. A Talking Stag is captured and eaten by wicked Giants.

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    The White Stag is most easily explained as a white horse, and I think that it represents Christ leading them back to their world because in the book "Revelation" it says that the Lord will come back riding on a white horse.

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