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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationCar MakesHonda · 1 decade ago

oil in spark plugs now wont start or even try to start?

I took the valvecover off and put it back on and paint and didn't put middle bolts in and took it the track the same night and made 3 passes on the third (was spraying nitrous) pass i got half track and it died didnt make any noises just a little jolt. tried to start it and it just kept turning over not even trying to start, then brought it home and the next day i took the spark plug wires out and oil just started pouring out couldn't even see the plugs in 2 of them but its only in 2 of them the other 2 are fine wondering what it could be


i just tried to turn the car over and it wont even turn over now the battery is charged.

The oil got on the top of my plugs because i didn't tighten the middle bolts but didn't fall to the piston till i took the plug out.

when i was racing i was in 3rd gear and about 5k rpm while spraying it felt like i was at my rev limit and then died then it turn over but just sounded like a wineing noise then the next day it wouldn't even turn over.

Thanks for helping everyone

Update 2:

it didn't even make any banging or clanking noise it was quiet

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Did you replace the spark plug seals when you took the valve cover off? if not then thats probably your problem. Also since you didn't tighten the center bolts oil will seep into the plug holes. Worst case scenario is that the plugs fouled and then your piston rings got fried in the process or the valves burnt out.

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    4 years ago

    you're able to be able to desire to verify whether it particularly is oil or gasoline on the plugs. whether it particularly is gasoline then it must be a difficulty with the ignition gadget (plugs, wires, something loose). whether it particularly is oil then something is leaking (must be brought about via piston rings--> skill a significant engine overhaul, or something worn interior the valves/classes interior the cylinder head). If the liquid on the plugs is coolant (candy smelling), then you quite've a head gasket difficulty. My advice may be to examine to work out of the plugs will spark (while clean), and if not examine the igniition gadget first, then get some new plugs. If the vehicle hasn't been began for particularly a on an analogous time as, often times oil gets previous the rings while first initiating (fouling the plugs) meaning as quickly as you get it working the vehicle may be large. i'm not a actual professional troubleshooter, yet i wish this facilitates.

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  • 1 decade ago

    take the cover off and put high heart gasket cement around the round gaskets that keep the oil under the valve cover from getting in the plug holes and do the out side one to under and above gasket and if the bolts are not holding it down it will surely leak especially racing. withe the plugs and wire ends full of oil it will not start.

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  • 1 decade ago

    sounds like you roasted the pistons or rings. Too much nitrous not enough fuel. Do a compression test then Pull the heads to make sure.

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  • Oil Blowby.....Piston rings are gone....Weird though, if you check your plugs when you do regular maintence you should have noticed the oil. not one of those thing that will happen instantly.....

    Who knows mandy dude brow up there is right. Plugs are fouled up....I've seen some pretty bad messed up plugs stil start a honda tho.... sorry bro good luck!

    Rebuild your motor.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you didnt put the bolts back in?

    then oil ot into your spark plus through the top...

    clean them or get new ones and start her up...

    if thats not it then you need to check your compression...

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  • guido
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    1 decade ago

    serious trouble

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