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Do you own, have owned or love the japanese akita?

I will be the proud owner of a japanese akita in a few weeks.

Its my first time owning a dog plus its a VERY strong and big dog. Can you give me valuable advice on socialisation and training this dog?

Thanks so much!

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    I had two Akitas once. They killed everything that got into the backyard-dogs,cats,oppossums, and apparently at one point tried to kill each other. My female had always been very dominant and my guess is another dog came onto the property and my two dogs tied into it. The female wound up lacerated badly in several places and i wound up with a vet bill. They are head strong and they require a good grooming every spring when they start to blow their coat. They are also very prone to stomach torsion -when the gut twists for some reason and it can kill them. All this said-they are beautiful dogs and surely will make you the best friend ever!

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    I have an Akita! I have had her for 6 months, she is a rescue and is app. 1 1/2 to 2 years old. They are a very dominate breed and need a lot of attention. They are not outside dogs, meaning you can't tie them out and forget you have a dog. They need to be around people and need socialization. Basic training is a good start. Midwest Akita Rescue Society has an excellent site that is full of valuable information on training, socializing and just about anything else you will want to know about the breed. I don't know if you have children or plan on haveing later on but unless the Akita is raised with small children or has spent a lot of time around them as they get older they don't tolerate small kids. That is something you will want to watch for. You are about to purchase the best friend you will ever have in an animal, they are a very demanding dog. For me, my Lady has changed my life. If you would like to see her youtube typ in search lady akita dog. Learn as much about the breed as you can. Have fun!

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    They're adorable, for one thing... is it a puppy? I would say raise it interacting with other dogs and people on a regular basis. As for training, just go slow, work on repeating commands and rewarding the correct actions.

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    we have a rescue and he is great! know that they are loyal and also dominate dogs. socialize him early. we only have some background on ours but he is normally very friendly although we have seen how quickly he can react, to other dogs. maybe enroll him in a puppy class for a start. good luck and enjoy

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    enormously intelligent yet obdurate dogs. if he's a domestic dog get him into domestic dog coaching instructions at contemporary. this might help with socialisation. and it quite is going to additionally help with coaching. they want brushed on a daily basis besides as an prolonged walk, they could recover from weight truthfully. adult males have an inclination to be extra durable to coach and that they seem to be a stressful first dogs. solid success.

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