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Acrylic Paint Sealer and Glass Paint?

A small part of the paint on my airsoft gun chipped a while ago so I decided to paint over the metal with some black glass paint and seal it up with clear acrylic sealer. It worked fine but when I sprayed some acrylic sealer over cloth and tried to wipe it over the part I painted and sealed I found that part of the cloth became black. So I was wandering if the sealer took off paint when you wipe it over surfaces. Also I kinda got some of the sealer on parts that I didn't so how do I get that off? Thanks.

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    After painting the black gloss you should have waited for it to dry to a tack, then the sealer would have put on and let it dry to a tack, then a second coat of sealer would have been nice. Preparation prior to painting is the most important part. You should have a plan and everything that should not get painted should be taped or protected in some manner. A bit of acetone can remove the sealer and the paint too, but use it properly you can remove the sealer from unwanted areas.

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