What was the government's role in the case of U.S. v. Delorean?

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    In October 1982, Stephen Arrington, John DeLorean, and William Hetrick were indicted in Los Angeles on charges of violating federal narcotics statutes. The legal proceedings

    surrounding DeLorean's indictment have created much public interest and received

    extensive coverage in the press. From the beginning of these proceedings until December

    22, 1982, the district court records and files in the case were open to inspection by the

    press and public. On December 22, however, the district judge responded to the wide

    press coverage by ordering that all future filings of documents in the instant matter . . .

    shall be in camera. Said documents shall be filed under seal in order to permit this court

    to initially review them and to make a determination with regard to disclosure based on

    defendants' rights under the Sixth Amendment and the First Amendment rights of the

    public as set forth in U.S. v. Brooklier, 685 F.2d 1162 (9th Cir. 1982).

    This order was issued sua sponte, without any notice to, or opportunity to be heard by,

    the parties, the press, or the public. The order was not accompanied by any findings.

    The government was prosecuting Delorean on drug charges.


    Source(s): www.cfac.org
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    Delorean was busted for drug trafficking.

    he was packing cocaine into the panels of his cars and then delivering them across state lines.

    That's interstate trafficking and money laundering.

    It's was most likely a DEA / FBI case.

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