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Do you own, have owned or love the japanese akita?

I will be the proud owner of a japanese akita in a few weeks.

Its my first time owning a dog plus its a VERY strong and big dog. Can you give me valuable advice on socialisation and training this dog?

Thanks so much!

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  • Jen
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    1 decade ago
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    Congratulations! Akita are fantastic dogs. Are you getting a genuine Japanese or an American? The two are quite different in temperament and are often mixed up, a lot are even registered wrong as the breeds were only split in 2005 and the Kennel Clubs around the world have not done much to educate people! This video will tell you which you are getting:

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    Americans are very strong dogs and they are very protective and good guard dogs. They do need a LOT of socializing, puppy classes, dog parties etc. do as many different things with your dog as you possibly can, meet as many people and other dogs, other animals and let him experience as much as possible. They are often reserved with strangers so let him meet as many as you can. They can be stubborn so it's important you go to classes and learn how to be a leader for your puppy before he is at an age where he wants to challenge you.

    Japanese are quite different in temperament, a lot more like the rest of the Spitz breeds. They are a lot more gregarious, less reserved. They are great family dogs and love being around people, although they do not have as strong guarding instincts as the American Akita. They are very clever and quick to learn but again you need to be clear to the dog that you are the leader. Lots of socialization again is required, as it is for any puppy.

    Once you have the respect of an Akita training is easy.

  • Anonymous
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    very smart but stubborn dog. if he is a puppy get him into puppy training classes immediately. this will help with socialisation. and it will also help with training. they need brushed every day as well as a long walk, they can get over weight easily. males have a tendency to be harder to train and they are a tough first dog. good luck.

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    I've never seen one in real life, so I cannot say I know too much about them! I love big dogs, but I'm quite the sucker for a toy dog.

  • Anna L
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    1 decade ago


    They are extremely aggressive toward small animals and young children.

    I had an obese, old, arthritic cat who just laid in the yard all day, and an Akita broke through our fence and killed it, unprovoked.

    If you do get one, make sure to train it very well, do not allow it to dominate you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    my mom's father raised akita's and they have a bad reputation. but they need lots of training. they are agressive and are meant to be guard dogs. they will protect family by any means so try not to let strangers "play fight" when you're around. they can also get territorial.

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