i have heard there are many valuable resources in Russian on internet. where are they?


i have heard there are many valuable resources in Russian on internet. where are they?

look at this at the blue hyperlink "10 reasons to learn russian".



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    u can watch russian films and vedios on russianremote.com

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    Well, you're definitely not going to learn over night or even a year. Learning any language takes many many years, and only the truly dedicated learners will be able to master the language. With Russian, you have to take in the consideration of learning a whole new form of written works, called Cyrillic. You must also take in to factor about the grammatical setup and pronouncation. However, it is NOT impossible!


    First of all, try this one: http://www.ilike2learn.com/ilike2learn/r...

    If good and easy. Also, you might want to try out youtube. Try typing in Learn Russian, and make sure to click on Victor Huglainov's, he's the odd looking guy, but his videos are GREAT!


    One great book I know can be found in your local Barnes and Nobles Bookstore under the Language section. It's titled: "Learn Russian:10 Minutes A Day." This book is WONDERFUL, and I can't suggest it enough for beginners.


    Try finding anyone you live around and see if they're Russian, and ask to talk with them and have them teach you some. Also, try watching Russian movies. Two I can suggest to you are: Дневно́й дозо́р (Day Watch) and Ночной дозор (Night Watch). They come in subtitles, but you'll at least be watching a film in Russian that will help you progress, by hearing native speakers.


    There are some GREAT Russian music groups! Go to youtube.com and type in: Fabrika, Blestyashie, Via Gra, Zhanna Friske, and Russian Music Videos.

    Try these two websites as well: http://blest.ru/ and http://www.sras.org/library_russian_musi...

    Source(s): Native Russian
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    I like the ones where you can download music!!



    but I dont know if you are in the pumping house or industrial

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