MS Access Calender Intergration?

I have a customer database that is currently is standalone but would like to link it to the outlook calendar so that, I can create an appointment for the client in outlook (we are using Exchange Server) and have that appointment date and time shown in a field in the Access database.

I am using access 2003


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  • 1 decade ago
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    MS Access can LINK to mail tables. Under the TABLES tab click NEW>>LINK then select FILE TYPE of OUTLOOK, or EXCHANGE.

    Check with Your IT Dept for the path where the Outlook/Exchange files are stored.

    You'll have to refresh the link so Access re-reads the table, then Load the new items into Your local table.

    I'd say research it a little more in the Knowledge Base and see if there are more extensive instructions on how to do it. Or take it to a developers forum for someone to walk You through it.

    Source(s): 10 years developing MS Access DBs Microsoft Knowledge base: Forums:
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