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ISRAEL and Palestine?!?!????

Ok im kinda confused (im only 14) but didnt Israel take Palestine's land i just savv this

isnt that wrong to tak their land does anybody care one of my friends is israeli and she says its not true (btw i just moved to Us from Italy so give me a break)

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    In answer to your first question, yes, Israel did indeed take Palestine. Some claim that before the Israelies moved in, the land in question was empty, and just waiting to be moved into. In reality, that's just a myth. When the UN was deciding where to create a Jewish state, it sent a group to study Palestine as a prospective territory. The King-Crane Report to the UN stated that "98% of the populace are oppposed to the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine". Obviously, there must have been a population living in Palestine for 98% to have been opposed.

    In the end, the UN ignored the King-Crane report and decided that Palestine (which was under British mandate at the time) would become the site for the new Jewish state (much to the annoyance of the Palestinians).

    One might argue that this was the UN taking away Palestinian land, and not Israel's, but there is more to it than that. During the war in 67, Israel seized a lot more land, forcing many Palestinians to flee to Syria and Jordan. As time progressed, the Israelies began building settlements in the West Bank and in Gaza, the last areas of Palestine that were still completely Palestinian. There were also times when Israelies would simply go out and conquer villages- take Deir Yassin for example, where a few hundred Palestinians were massacred by Israeli forces under a man named Menachim Begin (who later became prime minister).

    In short, Palestine was indeed overrun by the Israelies.

    But that leaves the question of Israel was justified in taking over the land, to which I have the following argument:

    1. Religious.

    While the fight is about land, no one can deny that religion is a part of it. Many Jews claim that they have a historical/biblical right to the land, as well as the city of Jeruselam. Ironicaly, only a slim percentage of professing Jews claim to be religious, and the majority of that percentage is made up of converts, and the majority of those don't even live in Palestine. The Palestinians, however, are practicing Mulims and Christians, with claims to such sights as the Dome of the Rock and Church of the Nativity (in addition to other Christian holy sights in Jeruselam such as the Holy Sepulcher). If the land were to be awarded on a religious basis, then the Palestinians would win easily.

    2. Ethnic.

    Some would claim that the Israelies have a claim to the land due to their Semetism. This argument is seriously flawed. The vast majority of Israelies are immigrants who have been living in Europe for the past two millenia. Over time, intermarrige would've weakened the Semetic genes to the point where European Jews are, geneticaly, more European than Semetic. On the other hand, the Palestinians are completely Semetic.

    3. Historical

    The historical claim is a tie, at best. The Israelies, who are largely immigrants from Europe have as many ties to Europe as they do Palestine. The same is true about the Palestinians who have been living in the area for millenias. History isn't the best way to fairly decide who has a better claim.

    4. Legal

    Many claim that Israelies have a claim to Palestine because it was created for them by the British. Again, this is a flawed argument, since the Palestinians were never consulted. While it is true that some (and only some) Palestinians sold land to immigrating Jews, the majority of Palestinian land has been forcefuly seized by Israel (take Deir Yassin for example). Legally, Palestinians have a much stronger claim to Palestine.

    5. Conquest

    There are also some who claim that Israelies deserve Palestine by right of conquest, but if this were true, then one could effectively claim that the majority of Western Europe belongs to Germany, which conquered it in WWII. Additionaly, it could be claimed that China deserves Tibet, despite Tibet's insistence that they deserve independence. Let's face it- might does not make right, and on this basis, the land should go to Palestinians.

    6. Technological/Agricultural

    Some claim that before the Israelies came, Palestine was rugged, unused, and undeveloped, and that the Israelies, who did develop the land, deserve it more than the Palestinians, who lazily did nothing. This is again, a flawed argument. While it is true that Palestine was largely undeveloped, this was not the fault of the Palestinians. The Ottoman Turks, have forced a Feudal System on the Arabs, prevented them from ever having access to modern tools, or having the ability to work large peices of land. The British were more concerned with controlling Palestine than developing it and because of these factors, Palestinians simply could not develop their land. Since it logicaly follows that, if the Palestinians had a choice between developing their land or leaving it fallow, would've chosen to develop it, then it is the Palestinians, not the Israelies, who have a better claim.

    7. Democratic

    Perhaps the most often used argument is that Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East. However, the definition of "Democracy" is a government by the majority of the people. Since the majority of people living in Palestine are Palestinians (outnumbering the Israelies nearly 10 to 1), it would seem that there would be a Palestinian government- not an Israeli one. By the very definition, Israel is not a Democracy, since the majority does not have a say in the government. Some would argue that Israel has welcomed Palestinians to become Israelies, but again, this argument is flawed. Israel is aware that due to the Palestinian perception of honor, Palestinians will generaly refuse to become Israelies. Israel's encouragement is purely for the sake of appearing Democratic. If the Palestinians actualy did all become Israelies, they could literaly vote the government away from the Jewish-Israeli minority.

    Furthermore, Israel, despite its constant denials, orders actions and legislates laws that are highly Un-Democratic. Israel uses an angency called the Bet Shin as strikebreakers, torturers, and intimidators. It is also against Israelie law to own, use, or wear a Palestinain flag or any reproduction of a Palestinian flag.

    In short, Israel is NOT a Democracy and so no one can use the argument that a Democratic state takes precedent over a people group who may or may not form a Demcratic state.

    In conclusion, it is the Palestinians, not the Israelies, who have a better claim to Palestine, making Israel's actions completely and utter unjustified.

    Source(s): 17 years of living in the Middle East
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    After WW2 and each and all of the lifeless Jews that HItler massacred, the international desperate that the Jews needed a native land. SO fairly of giving them a place in Germany, they desperate "howdy why no longer supply them Palestine?" who cares if there are a team of brown-skinned human beings already residing there? regrettably, in assessment to the community human beings who had the comparable component take place to them, The Palestinians did no longer circulate away. to place issues in attitude, because of fact the 1940's much less then 3000 Israeli's have been killed by employing Palestinians, 3 hundred Palestinians have been killed by employing Israel in the final week

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    Yes, Israel took Palestine'sland. The maps are fairly accurate.

    A lot those who support taking land from the people of Palestine claim there was no nation called Palestine. This may be true, however, there was a place called Palestine and people living there who were forced out by Israel and its founders, who were known as Zionists.

    Some Zionists claim that the founders of Israel bought the land from the Palestinians. In fact, they bought about 6-7% of the land, most of the remainder was privately owned by Palestinians and the rest was "public," meaning owned by communities, religious groups or "state owned." Even a lot of the "state-owned" land was land which was not officially registered to the people who used it, for example, bedouins used a lot of the desert areas for seasonal grazing. In any case, that 6-7% is shown in white in the first map.

    The second map shows the UN partition plan of 1947 which was a plan by the UN General assembly to create a Jewish and and Arab state in Palestine, the white in that map was the areas allotted to the Jewish state. At the time, Palestine had about 2/3 non-Jewish (Muslims and Christians mostly) population and about 1/3 Jewish. The partition gave about 54% of the land to the Jewish state, so the Arabs considered it unfair and rejected it.

    Fighting ensued, and the Zionists began attacking Arab villages both inside and outside the parts that were allotted to the Jewish state. The Zionists had always claimed all of Palestine for the Jewish state, and began a systematic expulsion of villages and Arab parts of cities. A well known massacre at Deir Yassein, was described by a surviver:

    "The Jews ordered all our family to line up against the wall and they started shooting us. I was hit in the side, but most of us children were saved because we hid behind our parents. The bullets hit my sister Kadri [four] in the head, my sister Sameh [eight] in the cheek, my brother Mohammed [seven] in the chest. But all the others with us against the wall were killed: my father, my mother, my grandfather and grandmother, my uncles and aunts and some of their children."

    Not only was Deir Yassein outside the area allotted to the Jewish state, but it had expelled Arab fighters because it didn't want to take part in the fighting and had a mutual peace agreement with a nearby Jewish settlement.

    Similar events took place in many Palestinian villages, and when it was all done, some 750,000 people had been expelled. Israel confiscated the land, homes, businesses, property and much of the money from the refugees, and turned it over for Jewish-only use. The 3rd map shows the armistice line after 1949, considered by many to be the recognized borders of Israel.

    In 1967 Israel attacked Egypt, and since Jordan and Syria had a mutual defense pacts with Egypt they also joined. In the war, Israel conquered the remaining parts of Palestine shown in both green and white on the map. However, under agreements with the Palestinians that were supposed to lead to peace, Israel has allowed some parts to be administered by a Palestinian Authority. These parts are shown in green on the last map. A lot of the conquered territory has been confiscated by Israel for Jewish-only use, including a lot of land privately owned by Palestinians, and Israel has imposed lots of checkpoints and generally hassling Palestinians living under occupation, often freely allowing them to be killed by Israelis.

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    After World War II, there was a "palestinian homeland" created -- a nation called Transjordan (now just called Jordan). The Jews were given a piece of land about the size of New Jersey. Suddenly -- after never caring about the land -- all the Arabs started clammoring about how it was "theirs."

    There are a number of realities, one of which being that Israel has PAID MONEY for the land they own -- to the very people who are now claiming the Jews have no right to the land they own. Also, the predecessor to the United Nations, the League of Nations, ruled that Jerusalem was indeed the property of the Jews.

    And, as the late "PLO Chairman" Yassir Arafat himself admitted in 1977, "There is NO SUCH THING as a 'palestinian people'!"

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    Israeli Jews will be outnumbered by Palestinians, its just a matter of time, besides that the immigration rate to Israel is negative ( Jews are leaving Israel).That´s why Zionist need a "Final Solution " for Palestinians,Ironically, the same that Adolph wanted for Jews.

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    it is impossible to find an objective answer for this one, both sides are right in some ways, wrong in others.

    to say that israel took palestinian land is extremely simplistic and does not do justice to the reality. certianly land that was inhabited by palestinians became israel and inhabited by jews, but this issue is so complex that that essentially means nothing. i would recommend you read up on the subject, trying to get a balanced view.

    lots of people will answer this question ranting about how various zionist things, or the arab equivalent, ignore them, learn about the facts and come to your own view.


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    they were allowed to settle in palestine after ww2, but then took more and more land during the 1967 war. and yes, I think that's wrong, along with the way they're treating the palestinians. if you do more research on the subject I'm sure you'll be appalled.

    after what had been done to the jews by the nazis you'd think they of all people should know better.


    to all the people who're giving me thumbs down... I assume you approve of people being killed for no reason, their houses bulldozed, their basic human rights ignored, their streets pumped full of sewage etc etc....

    is that your american understanding of peace and freedom? there are plenty of Israelis disgusted with those actions of their own government. so why don't you drop this blind allegiance and acknowledge the truth.

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    First, it wasn't Palestine, there's no such thing. "Palestinian" is made up by the press. There was never any such nation or language. Jews occupied that land and were enslaved and then thrown out by the Arabs. It was part of Jordan after that. It was given back to them after WW2.

    The area in question was taken and occupied after the Israelis were attacked unprovoked by many Arab nations in the 6 days war and they kicked the Arabs butts. They allowed the JORDANIANS to stay but occupied the area to create a buffer between them and hostile nations.

    To the victor goes the spoils. Personally, I'd pack all the JORDANIANS up and ship them back to their country.

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    Before you quote bits and pieces of history you need to learn the whole history. Before you read and quote why don't you read something that was written over 2000 years ago that deals with the area, a book called "The Bible"...

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    yea, you're not only 14. There was no nation or country known as 'Palestine'. Ever.

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