What should I bring to Wear in Cuzco, Peru?

I'm going to Cuzco in June. How's the weather like?

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    Cuzco is dry during June, so you won't see any rain (scratch off the umbrella). During the daytime you will start off well covered and as soon as the sun rises (wich takes some time because there are mountains around you), you'll start to take off your Jacket, then your scarf, then your sweater around your waist (just in case a big cloud passes by) and at that point you'll be fine in jeans & T-Shirt until the sun comes down again (from 10 am to 4 pm it's OK).

    At night time is an other ball game, it gets freezing cold out there and, believe me, some XXL Nylon pantyhose can come in handy if you don't bring along your Long John underware. Your top part wont be the problem because you have many things to wear, but only corduroy pants won't do the trick.

    Take along your hicking boots, jeans, corduroy pants, T-Shirts, Long John's, a winter shirt and a good winter jacket. The rest you can get it cheap in Lima or Cuzco, beautifull inka designed socks, scarf, sweaters, gloves and Chullo (Inka hat).

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    Layers! Short sleeves and a fleece and a lightweight rain jacket. That way you can layer up when you get cold. For pants, jeans or khakis will work just fine.

    Have a great time. We just went there and had a great time, lots of great sites in the area and MP was awesome. Try to stay overnight in Aguas Calientes the night before, and get up there when they open at 6am-far less crowded and you'll be done exploring shortly after the Cuzco crowd gets there at noontime.

  • dita
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    3 years ago

    i'm at present residing in Peru (i'm Peruvian), Cuzco is oftentimes chilly around that element of the 300 and sixty 5 days so, something that keeps you heat will artwork, any large jackets or hats and gloves. issues like that. Aldo often times the aspects can replace so perhaps you want to take a pair of shorts yet to not many cuz i'm confident that it is not to warm. The elevation is extremely severe, we are above sea point so it you come do not rush into large issues, you will possibly injury your self as my pal did, she tried working and doing workout and he or she blew up her lung, no shaggy dog tale. So in case you come please take precautions yet different then that appreciate Peru :)

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    Get ready for everything. If you go to the jungle it turn out to be quite warm, but you can expect some showers, but if you are in the highland it can get colder above 14000 feet like 4 degrees below 0 (celcious) . In Lima and the coast is not too bad but there is a lot of humidity.


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    Between June and October, temperatures can drop to almost about 3º or less at night, but unlike from April to December, there are no heavy rains.

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    It will be winter there in June so think fall sort of weather, it can get cold at night because it is pretty high up in the mountains

  • Birder
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    A good jacket with a warm hat and gloves, you'll be fine. Sunblock is important no matter which time of year you're there.

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    very important sunblock no matter when, dress in layer even in winter sometimes in the sun is hot so it would be easy... and umbrella for when it rains... comfortable hicking shoes in general but if u r going out at night for clubs dont forget to dress up...

    Source(s): im from peru
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    its pretty cold in there..

    wear some jackets and winter stuff.

    also to avoid rain.

    one day it got rainy when i went to Machu Picchu.

    have a nice trip.

    Source(s): Been there
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    Heavy clothing and sunblock

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