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Is a pediatric nurse the same as a pediatric nurse practitoner?

i want to be in the pediatric field and it always seems as if pediatric nurses are pediatric nurse practitioners! are they the same? if not what are their differences? which one is better??

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    No. A pediatric nurse is an RN who works on the pediatric unit of a hospital, or in a pediatric out-patient clinic. I suppose that you could call a nurse who works in a community pediatrician's office a pediatric nurse, but that is not the custom in our locale. Don't ask me why.

    A pediatric nurse practitioner has taken additional training to diagnose and treat common pediatric ailments and to do physical examinations on children. A PNP usually operates under the supervision of a pediatrician, but the latitude he or she is allowed to work independently varies somewhat from state to state.

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    Although both work with children, that's what the "ped" tells us, they are not the same thing. A pediatrician is a doctor that works with children. According to the University of Baltimore MD, "Following graduation from medical school, primary care pediatricians complete three years of education in an accredited pediatric residency program." A pediatric nurse is one who works with children. They might have any level of certification: LPN, RN, BSN or Masters. Some schools provide a specialty, some hospitals provide on the job specialization. A Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner is a nurse with a graduate degree in advanced practice nursing who can provide a broad range of health care services. How much the CNP can do in the US depends upon the state in which they work. It ranges from states that permit the Pediatric Nurse Practioner to have their own practice without supervision by a medical doctor, to those that must be supervised to states that do not have licencing for nurse practitioners at all.

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    no-one is an RN and the other is an APN which requires more training and education. both care for pediatric patients though.

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    Nurse practitioners have more education and actually have their own patients that they see.

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