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*Akamaru had the worst weekand ever!* Do you feel bad for me? >.<? goes

I missed my bus in the morning on Friday I had to walk to school and my school is four miles away…I was two hours late for class.

At school I realized I forgot my violin…I had to call my dad at work so he could pick it up at lunch break.

At lunch I spilled orange cola all over my new white shirt. I washed up in the bathroom and they had a leaky faucet. I was drenched with water and orange soda for the rest of the day.

My calculator broke. Its screen cracked.

I forgot to take my meds that morning. I was quite jumpy and got sent in the hallway to do my project further more.

I took the bus home and I had to walk a half mile back home in the pouring rain carrying a binder with a violin. But here is the thing, I colored washable marker on my binder. It leaked off because of the rain so now it looked like I had blood dripping from my shirt and arms.

A lady pulled me to the side and though I was hurt. She offered to take me to the hospital e.e

Rest I'll add into!!


Then I went home only to find I forgot my homework-a project due on Monday.

I left my pillow outside in the rain on accident No pillow for tonight e.e

My Kiba plush went missing and I still cannot find it.

I woke up at three in the morning and found a mouse in the corner of my room :o


I woke up and played Wii but my controller died and I was sad and we had no batteries for it...

I got it "trouble" for backtalking my dad's idiot girlfriend. SHE IS SO STUPID....she needs my help for opening a microwave just to give u an then I was sentanced to my room for 8 know how it was raining? Well our house is a 150 year old manor (7500 sq ft) so its old. My celing in my rom started to leak. My mangas were on a shelf under the leak...only 9 books ruined :(

I read Naruto manga 28 and Dei got his arm blown off and I cried....My dad went to fix teh leak and I went with him...I fell through the celiling but luckly fell on a mat...yay...

More in a sec!

Update 2:

Then my Deidara plushie dissappeared too. :*( My doggie peed on my bed when he was excited to see me, then a table of mine broke...:o It was night time and I got ready for a shower and my sister used up all the hotwater =( I went to bed hungry because I didn't have time to make myself dinner because I was in my room for so long...I aws hungry and I woke up at 6 in the morning on Sundaty because my sister was taunting the dog and making him bark


we didn't make it to waffles were cold and I tried to watch some more Death Note episodes but I had my previlages taken away at the time so I was like desperate! I fell in a mud puddle later that day and I had to change favorite pen squirted ink all over me so I had to change again...I tried to read a manga, but it was still wet. so I was sad :( then my sister got some candy and would not give me any. We went to her BF's house...(Yes she has one and I dont!) and he got ALL the candy he wated.

My weekand sucked! Grr

Update 3:

Hehe thank you Miyu! You have proved my ppint...that idiot is the stupidest creature on Earth I can tell you that...she called me ugly too....LOL....then she started calling my mom bad things so I stood up for my mom that iswhy I ended up in my room for such a long time....

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    And I thought my weekend was bad, wow you beat me! I'm sorry you had a bad week though! :-(

    Yeah I know how idiotic dads girlfriends are! (my dad has one too and she pretty much hates me and everything that I like and my dad always changes his personality when he's around her and get's all SERIOUS, which I pretty much hate!)

    I cant believe you fell through the ceiling though! That's kind of sad and funny at the same time though! lol.

    I hope this week goes better for you! :-P

    itachiThacker- I actually BROKE my ring finger today! So I kinda know how you feel!

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  • Jane
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    Yes, once I was going psycho looking for my cell phone...and it was in my back pocket the whole time! I've also hit a speed limit sign with my bike, made an entire batch of cookies using salt instead of sugar (I still kick myself for buying that huge bag of salt at Costco..who needs that much salt?) and once I drove all the way to school before I realized that I forgot to put shoes on and was wearing slippers. You could say I've had quite a few "blonde moments!"

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  • Awww... poor you... =(

    Don't worry every day is like that for me... it sucks...

    Even if today was bad, you'll know tomorrow will be better and brighter *gives you a cuppy cake* :3

    Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow/today and a happy luck-filled week(and beyond!) and don't worry, Deidara has a bunch of spare arms handy, maybe even some for you to open microwaves and beat the crap outta- ...nevermind :D lol

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  • Ooo,that was so sad!*cry*cry* If anyone tell you sth like that again-I promise I will kill him/her! I swear!!!!Grrrrrr.......that she could do that!!! If I were you I would do the same as you did!!!

    I remembered that I had a whole week that sucked!!!!But I want to give you a BIG and WARM HUG (hug you) I know that it cant make things better but I hope it can make you feel better! ;] Promise me that if there is another day or thing like that you will tell me?Ok?

    I hope you feel better and I am sure that there wont be days like that again! =] And if you feel bad,just remember about your friends here! =]

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    man you went through a lot

    i had one of this days too

    it was 6 years ago but i still remember it

    at first when i came back from school walking my shoes riped off so i had to walk without them in the TOWN then i got thirsty so i went to a shop and there i broke their fridge after that when i wanted to drink the orange juice the bottle slipped from my hand so in the end i still was thirsty then when i got home i hit my foot and then i needed to go to the bathroom but my father called so i spoke to him but when i hanged up i peed on myself and then cried cause that day really sucked

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  • Anonymous
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    So, ok... You have many little annoying things on your side... But, I got run over a car, and now I have to wear a plaster cast in both legs for three months... Luckily, the freaking driver wasn't speeding so much; but my knees and ribs really hurt right now... So, ok... I wasn't badly injured; but I've used cast before... and it ain't funny...

    Anyway, some people say misery likes company, so... I'm here...

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    Holy ****

    i am so sorry for you

    thats one hell of a crappy weekend


    i thought i had a bad weekend when my finger almost got cut off.

    i rather lose a finger than have a weekend like that.


    i hope the rest of the week is great

    and fun and not totally sucky.

    feel bad for you.

    poor you.

    well hope the rest of the week is awesome for you.

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    awww have a cookie. why dont you tell your dad about his gf? what b****h O_o Shakes head. want a hug? *hhug* i hope you feel better.......somehow. >.< and i thought i had a bad weekend

    •had the last class of effin chinese school and then i was told WE"RE GONNA HAVE ANOTHER LESSON

    • embarrasesed myself in front of crush.

    •totally screwed up in math. with my tutor. ugh

    meh. never pity yourself. there is always someone worse than you. however, this only applies to me. :( i hope you feel better.

    here. akamaru wants to make you feel better.

    did this sound offeneding? i didnt mean it that way >.<


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  • 1 decade ago

    Aww haha! I think we all have "those days" occasionaly. I'm sure it was interesting for you!

    Edit: Actually, I think you take the cake. I'd prefer this over a boring weekend sitting at home in bed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow, your like the most unluckiest person in the world!

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