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Renting documentaries?

I am looking for documentaries to rent but Blockbuster, the only "chain" rental store in my area, only has a limited selction. They usually only have the mainstrem ones like Micheal Moore flicks or the ones that get attention due to controversies that you hear on tv. Any suggestions to find a place to rent documentaries that would be great! Thank u.

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    1 decade ago
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    Well, this is not exactly renting, but do you subscribe to HBO and have On Demand? If you go to HBO On Demand, and look under specials, they always have a long list of interesting documentaries to watch, and new ones are added as old ones are removed every two weeks. Also, if you have On Demand, check out Nat Geo On Demand, b/c they always have great documentaries... (the Nat Geo service is free if you have digital cable)

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