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In twins, who is older? The one who comes out first, or the one who comes out second?

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    technically the baby that comes out first is the oldest. that baby was born before the other baby...just like i would be older if my birthday was today and yours was tomorrow (born in the same year) with twins say that one is born at 1:58 and the other at 1:59 the baby born at 1:58 is older, born before the other...

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    the one that comes out first if you think about it say one twin is born at 10am and the next at 10:30am the first twin has already lived half an hour of there life which makes them the older one

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    The one that comes out first is older! My twins fight over that all the time haha

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    Twins are exactly the same age!! Their real age starts from fertilization!! This is a unique case where we don't consider who was born first. Obviously one of them had to come first. It has never happened for both of them to come simultaneously!!!

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    the one who comes second is the older

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    Let me be the one who clears this one 4 u ... it is actually the second one that is the oldest... I just had twins myself and it was told 2 me that the oldest is the one who snds the youngest one out to make sure that everything is safe. If u think about it its always the oldest talking the youngest into doing things. If dont believe please feel free to research it....

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    Im a twin and i was born 14 minutes before my twin. We arent actually different in years but in minutes we are, therefore i am older.

    Source(s): Im a twin
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    The one who comes out first ..

    hence the word: 'first born' ..

    1 comes before 2.

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    the first one out is older

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    The first one is older.

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