What happened to $1200? We only received $900...?

I thought it was a straight shot, either 600 a piece or 1200 for a couple. Why did we (a couple) receive less than 1200?

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    It was based on income. One of you got 600 and the other got 300. Dont feel bad, a lot of people thought they were getting 600 no questions asked. Not a lot of people knew that the checks were based on something until they got their checks.

    Did you two file jointly? We were told (after my hubby and I filed) that if my hubby and I filed jointly, we would have gotten the 1200, but because we didnt, we got 600 and 300, because I didnt work a lot last year because I was in school and I didnt meet the income cutoff.

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    The minimum was $600 and the max would have been $1200 if you qualify. The amount you get is based on your tax liabilty. So, if your tax liability would have been 0 you guys would still get at least $600 the minimum. If your tax liability would have been $2000 it would have been still $1200 the max. But the rebate can be in between $600-$1200. If you liability falled in between in this case $900 that is all you get. Unless you did qualify for the $1200 and you had back debt of $300. they would have deducted that from your stimulus pay. THey should sent you a letter letting you know who much you were getting prior to you guys getting the check.

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    You thought wrong. UP TO $600/1200 means just that - that's the maximum, and not everyone gets that much. You only get $1200 if your federal income tax liability for 2007 was at least $1200.

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    It is not true that each spouse's rebate is figured separately on a joint return. If you have no children, then you each received the same amount of rebate, and the rebate check is considered half yours and half your spouses.

    You will receive a letter explaining the computation. Those letters haven't been sent yet. The possibilities that

    1. You owed money to a fed or state agency, back child support, or student loans

    2. Your tax liability was less than $1,200

    3. Your adjusted gross income is over the threshold of $150,000 for the maximum rebate

    or any combination of the above may be involved.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You thought wrongly. If you qualify it's AT LEAST $600 on a joint return and UP TO $1,200 if your tax liability is that high. Note the "UP TO" qualifier. If you only received $900 then either that was your tax liability OR your income was over $150k and your rebate was reduced as a result.

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