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Which type of tire protects tubes better (street use only), mountain knobbies, or slicks?

Considering that bits of gravel, glass, etc. are often on the shoulders of roads, streets, and ridable highways.

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    It depends on the particular tire.....notsomuch the style.

    My first suggestion would be to get some wide slicks in the 1.75" to 2.10" range, and to look for one that has a kevlar belt for puncture protection (not a kevlar folding bead, but a belt under the tread). IRC, Continental, Kenda, and Specialized all make something like this, as well as several other brands.

    You can get awesome traction with a wide slick, but if you want some knobs you can do that, too. I'm not aware of any knobbies that have a puncture-belt in them, so in that case you could just run some Slime sealant in your tubes, or use the aftermarket tire liners like Mr. Tuffy or Spinskins (expensive, but light). I run Slime in all of my tubes except for the road bike, and it's never let me down.

    Stay away from the "thorn-resistant" inner tubes and use one of the above methods instead. Those tubes are super heavy and don't really help all that much anyway.

    Hope this helps some! Just say NO to flats. :o)

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    knobbies give some distance between pieces of glass and the tube. Slicks often have a flat resistant liner. Get Mr. Tuffy liners. They're reusable, last forever, and protect your tires better than anything else.

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