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whats a bigger threat to the world north korea, george w bush or iran?

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    North Korea, Bush will be gone soon and so will the oil fields but the place we really should be keeping our focus on is China - forty years ago, as a young teenager my father warned us to be vigilant against the yellow peril, he said one day they would find a way to travel and once they did they would want the food and the freedom of the west. He was right. What he predicted as the outcome frightened me then and does so today. The Chinese are radically different to us emotionally and if family have to be sacrificed for the greater good, then so be it. Look at all the baby girls murdered in the last thirty years because they were only officially allowed to have one child and they all wanted a son! They treat animals in a totally different way to us and what we see as cruelty they brush aside as live and let live. So whilst i might say that NK is a threat right now, the silent yellow peril sucking up all our food reserves from europe and america plus oil and minerals is the one to be aware of.

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    The question is silly. George W. Bush is the elected president of a democratic republic. Iran and North Korea are countries (not individuals) run by irresponsible haters.

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    there became into already a nicely defined hatred of u . s . of america and human beings interior the middle east, that isn't any longer something new. The 911 terror assaults have been a manifestation of that hatred between those human beings and that i convey that up because of the fact president Bush became into in basic terms in workplace for a million 3 hundred and sixty 5 days whilst they happened. He had no longer something to do with the undeniable fact that those human beings hate u . s . of america. They hate u . s . of america because of the fact we are between the main able international locations interior the international and we take place to no longer be an Islamic state.

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  • Gotcha
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    1 decade ago

    I think probably Iran followed by North Korea. George Bush isn't even in the running.

  • LP
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    1 decade ago

    Oh please!!!! The only threat to the world is Humanity's inability to contain its own greed.

    North korea will do nothing if left alone. Iran just wants to be left alone, and g. W. Bush is alone.

    End of. Drive a smaller vehicle, turn all your lights off at night. Dont let the water run, if everyone in the western world followed this the rest of the world could catch up and not be suffocated by the wests fear of equality.

    I vote conservtaive for christ sake !!! I am not a hippy !!!

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    The biggest threat is uninformed, apathetic people like you that will allow foreign interests to influence your thinking.

    Given the opportunity, the people you are supporting against the US will slit your throat, behead you, or enslave you.

    It must be nice to be able to blame all of your problems on President Bush.

    (Can't wait for the draft. Traitors = Cannon fodder)

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    I don't think the biggest threat isn't iran ,Bush nor North Korea , alone.

    The real threat is acually comming from all nation and people

    Wars are started 'usually' because of the difference of intrest that might crash or the need of what ever ather nation has....ect

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    Iran.......Any country that uses religion to justify it's goverment tends to ignore logical solutions. Many wars have been fought in "the name of God". That is why we have a separation of church and state. Geographically Iran is also the biggest threat to world economy. Until the world has viable oil alternatives, the middle east will continue to rule oil prices that drive most nations economies. The collapse of stability in the middle east region would cause chaos around the globe.

  • Lane
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    1 decade ago

    North Korea is the worst threat.

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    1 decade ago

    Uninformed Americans

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