The combustion of ammonia in the presence of excess oxygen yields NO2 and H2O:?

4 NH3 (g) + 7 O2 (g) → 4 NO2 (g) + 6 H2O (g)

The combustion of 43.9 g of ammonia produces ________ g of NO2.

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    118.68 g

    4 moles of NH3 give 4 moles of NO2

    so 1mole of NH3 will give 1 mole of NO2

    43.9 grams of NH3 contains 2.58 moles

    so 2.58 moles will be produced of NO2

    which is 118.7 grams

    u can find the number of moles by dividing the mass with relative molecular mass

    and can find the mass by multiplying no of moles with relative molecular mass

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