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Black Man And White Women In Movies?

I am a black man engaged to a white woman. My fiancee and I enjoy watching movies featuring black men and white women dating and falling in love. We have seen few movies featuring black men and white women getting married. We have seen even less movies featuring black men and white women married and raising a family. For all the lack of these movies, there is a great amount of movies featuring black men having sex with white women (mostly adult movies, but some main stream movies as well). It's almost like saying it is ok for black men and white women to have sex, but not date, fall in love, get married, and raise a family. Why do you think this is? Thank you to all who answer.

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    well im not sure its all intentional but its probably bcuz its still getting more common for a black man and white woman to get married. its been mainstream for awhile for them to date but getting married is the next step up. so thats probably why it might look lacking in the movie industry. however in the movies where they just have sex i guess its bcuz the characters arent thinking about racial imcompatability/what other people will think bcuz its just hooking up. congratulations on ur engagement. i hope u guys have a nice happy family:)

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    I am sure there are plenty others but I can come up with only 8 movies off the top of my head at this moment that fits your criteria.... 1.Something New (2006) 2. Guess Who (2005) 3. Jungle Fever (1991) 4. Zebrahead (1992) 5. The Truth About Charlie (2002) 6. A Bronx Tale (1993) 7. The 25th Hour (2002) 8. Mission Impossible 2 (2000)

  • I think that is well but has its limits in this society because almost no one accepts the principle of black men marry or have children with white women but this is today marked here for the future will no longer prejudice between the two races!

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    In the past, some have organized to exert influence on filmmakers to highlight some desirable aspect of life. It is likely that no individuals have been intentional about uniting and connecting with the industry to promote depictions of interracial families on film. Perhaps we Americans are still not completely comfortable with such a notion.

    The current political environment shows the difficulty of discussing matters related to race. It’s almost as though subconsciously we still desire "separate but equal." The pain of blending is of yet, unbearable

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    It hasn't been all that long since interracial relationships have been based on anything beside sex(itself a hot button issue)but you're right.I saw a film about a white man &a black woman falling in love and the hell her family takes him through(it was a comedy)but it;s a fair question I think

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    Despite the fact that enforcement of race-mixing laws is a thing of the past, there's probably an element of 'forbidden fruit" that audiences continue to find titillating.

    Taking a relationship that seems mysterious and replacing it with the mundane realities of married life and child-rearing would cause the fantasy to evaporate.

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    I dont thinks theres a reason i just think its a coincidence.. But come to think of it there doesnt seem to be al lot of movies of white men with black women..? ;]

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