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A book that teaches wizardry and spell casting, as well as anything else needed to know for an aspiring wizard

please, i do not want any books associated with paganism or the wiccan religion.

I want to the book to be based on sole magic and the spells.

i am thinking of buying ,

any others?

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    That book is a complete sell out. Any book that compares itself to Harry Potter cannot be trusted. If you're looking for books on magic, you might look for books on witchcraft (not all of them have to do with religion) or if you're looking for more ceremonial magic, you way want to study stuff by Aleister Crowley, Elipas Levi, and Israel Regardie or historical stuff like the Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Cornelius Agrippa. For more modern approaches to magic, you might try Frater UD's High Magic (which also gives a lot of references to other books, particlarly on chaos magic) or Patrick Dunn's Postmodern Magic.

    As an aside, I would suggest not calling yourself an aspiring wizard. Serious magicans tend to call themselves magician or magus. "Wizard" is largely a fantasy term.

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    confident they're perfect with reference to the trinity dogma. The Roman Catholic Church is extremely clean that the trinity dogma isn't a coaching of scripture yet of the clergy. They view the clergy as having the terrific and authority to coach/interpret The Scriptures any way they want and that no person else has this perfect. while the dogma of the trinity got here in to the church that's additionally while the persecution of human beings who disagreed got here into the church. The spirit of persecution is the spirit of devil. while Nicea replaced into convened there have been 304 bishops attending out of a achieveable 5,000 bishops of the church. those 304 presumed to communicate for the finished church and got here up with the trinity. there have been different different councils called that have been attended via majorities of the bishops and those anathematized the trinitarian teachings of Athanasius yet they don't want to talk approximately those councils. Eusebius, the 1st church historian exterior of scripture, replaced into adverse to the trinity. it particularly is why he's not called a saint yet he's noted as a good source of church historic previous. Trinitarians want certainly everyone to think of the difficulty replaced into settled in 325 however the controversy has under no circumstances long previous away. 325 did not even communicate with reference to the holy spirit and what it replaced into and how if figured into the newfangled trinity. That got here later at Chalcedon. maximum those that say the believe interior the 'trinity' do not additionally be conscious of what it particularly is. it particularly is a seize word, buzzword, in spite of the fact which you want to call it that the 'in human beings use.' area element: Constantine replaced into supposedly 'switched over' on his deathbed and baptized as an 'Arian Christian' via an Arian bishop. Even pagans be conscious of a million+a million+a million=3, not a million.

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    Well I hate to break it too you, but there is no such thing as wizardry. I've heard of people moving objects with their mind, altering events, telepathy, but no Harry Potter Wands and Spells. Learn to control your magnetic field and then you can do the above things.

    You have black hair

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