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How can I make paper hold 200 pounds?

For my technology class, we haveto make a peice of paper hold 200 pounds. We can only use one piece of 9x12" paper ( the regular kind) , 1 tablespoon of glue and 12 inches of tape. and its height has to be between 1-1/2 and 3 inches tall. PLEASE HELP ME I DONT KNOW HOW!!!!!!!

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    Cut the paper into 1 1/2" by 12 inch strips. totally saturate as many of the paper strips as you can with glue. Any strips with little or no glue will be used for the center of a tightly rolled up paper log 1 1/2" long. Roll up the driest strip in as tight of a roll as possible. do not leave a hole down the center.

    You may need to practice this before you make your project.

    Roll the next strip around this center log as tight as possible making sure the glue spreads evenly as it is squeezed. Repeat until all the strips are used.

    It you are required to support something weighing a hundred pounds and needs to be balanced, you might need to make four equal rolls each1 1/2" high. Wrap the tape around the finished logs and good luck. If you have wound it tight enough, you should have something that would hold well over the test weight.

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    I would try cutting the paper into little strips, maybe an inch wide and six inches long. You'd glue the ends to make little rings. A network of rings would act as a base. So you'd have about 18 rings. You'd put a platform on top, which would be a part of your 200 pounds, and you'd put the remainder of the weight on top of that.

    You'd probably have to experiement with the dimensions of the strips. My suggestion is merely a first try.

    I do hope you award pts for this answer and regardless if I get the pts that you reveal the answer--assuming there is only one answer.

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    I'm doing this in my Tehnology Class and I am looking for answers too >.<. Anyways we had a couple kids do a paper structure and what you want to do is cut the paper into strips ( the long way) and roll them up tight. My teacher told us that. It's really hard to crush with your fingers. He gave us a hint that to make sure it's even on each side (weight wise) I've heard this hint several times.

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    oh godd that's a tough one.

    Well I would think about rolling the paper up in some way and them just lining it with tape for stability. Dont use the tape to make things stick together, just for stability. Use the glue ot make things stick together

    that's all I got SORRY!

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    Experiment with this.

    Roll it from corner to corner as tightly as you can so that it is the length running diagonal from your longest corners.

    Use the glue and tape to reinforce it.

    When the resulting "stick" is folded in half and half again it should easily hold 200 pounds and be within tolerance.

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    I would fold the paper a few times to make it thicker and use the tape to reinforce the edges

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    spread the glue all around and when it tries it will be all plastikey and then put as much tape as possible and if you can spread out the weight as much as you can

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    You can use it make an envelope and it will hold £200 sterling!

    Otherwise try to make a tight cylinder and it will hold it easily!

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    you can hang from a piece of paper if you keep it pin straight

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    well it depends if it is notes or coins just make an envelope and put it in

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