What is Australia's experience since outlawing gun ownership?

I heard that ~ 1 yr ago, Australia law in effect forcing ciizens to turn in their firearms. If this is true, how many legal guns were turned in? Have the crime statistics indicated any changes in the number or type of crimes committed?

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    1 decade ago
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    Hello Gary. The Australian gun ban has been used by firearms advocates ( and especially the NRA) since it's inception.

    465,000 legally owned firearms were surrendered during the moratorium.

    The murder rate in the state of Victoria went up 400% within two years and the law makers were scratching their heads trying to figure out why.

    All the honest, law abiding citizens did what the law said. All the bad guys saw this as the golden opportunity to go on a crime spree. The criminals kept their illegal guns and robbed and killed at random, knowing everyone else had NO way of defending themselves now.

    If you look historically at the states in the USA that enacted concealed carry laws, you will see that crime rates DROPPED after inception.

    Kennesaw, Georgia enacted a law in 1968 stating that each house had to have a loaded gun in it. Breaking and entering dropped 85% in the first year and never went back up. Violent crime also dropped drastically.

    Confiscation of firearms does not drop crime rates. Tougher sentencing and making prisons back into Hell on Earth does.

    I hope this helps and you can find it useful

    Source(s): 19 years as a Corrections Officer in a max prison. Firearms instructor, Arsenal Officer, Armorer, Life member NRA, firearms collector and competitive (rated) shooter.
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    All very good answers do far. I'll just add one little thing that all people did to remember:

    Laws do not prevent crime. Laws define crime and provide for penalties for those who are convicted of breaking the law.

    So how do we prevent crime? Two ways.

    1) People prevent crime. If a robbery is met by a potential victim pointing a gun at him, the crime he was attempting ends. And if he behaves himself, his pain-free day will continue. But he might be heading to a place where the sex he wants he does get and the sex he gets he does not want. ;-)

    2) Abolish all laws. If there are no laws defining crime, then there will be no crime. But this is stupid.

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    That ban occured in Austrailia over 20 years ago, and the action a total embarassment to Austrailian Parliament after the street crime, home invasions and murder rate increased over 40%. It is estimated that the docile Aussie population turned in 95% of their firearms, like lemmings, and are now VERY sorry.

    The outlawing of gun ownership in japan was initiated by McArthur in 1945, with subsequent Parliaments following suit, but crime in Japan is down not because of the gun ban, but the totally different social structure and cradle to grave focus on self discipline. You want to have some fun in Japan? Just try to ban the Samurai Sword.... Guns are also banned in the Vatican.... what is the crime rate there? Double standard here maybe? Peoples upbringing and sense of responsibility are the key, not symbolic mechanical devices....

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    4 years ago

    Outlawing does not preclude the criminal or the loopy from getting weapons. in spite of the undeniable fact that, if we made it greater reliable to get no longer only the weapons however the greater ability clips, if we did no longer enable same day gun coach sales, if he did make registration and procuring weapons stricter it ought to shrink the multiple insanity. If used incorrect autos could properly be a damaging weapon and as such we make it mandatory that to be license you should bypass a written and making use of attempt. And yet appropriate now i will walk into the interior reach carrying products shop and walk out with a semi-vehicle, 15 around hand gun and as many bins of ammo as i desire in a manner of minutes. is mindless.

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    dont know if i knew that i could of had a legal fire arm when i got here i would be out doing pest control eraning huge bucks so sorry cant help

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