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What happens during a battle if a soldier needs to take a dump? Do they have toilets?


What? It's not a bad question. It wouldn't be good to be unprepared for this type of situation.

Update 2:

What about toilet paper?

Update 3:

What? How can it be used as a weapon against them?

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    "cover me while I ****"

  • In the field, soldiers can go without taking a dump for days - courtesy of the ration pack chocolate. Longest I went without one was about three days. Ideally there'd be latrines dug in the rear - if not, digging a hole is the best option.

    One would either have to hold it in, or wait for a good enough lull.

    We once had a guy with diarrhea on the gun line - a fire mission was called when he desperately had to go. At the earliest opportunity, he ran behind the gun and took a rancid dump under the camouflage netting.

    Source(s): Edit - I don't think destroying faeces was be done out of any concern over the enemy using them, but the Viet Cong often smeared wooden or bamboo stakes with fecal matter to increase the odds of anyone stepping on them getting an infected wound.
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    If like your 3 hundred Spartans you confronted a protection tension of 1000's of 1000's. The evening in the previous the conflict you and the 3000ish help troops you had, all have a dodgy Ruby walk forwards approximately 3-4 hundred yards unload in a great heap then retire until the morning. whilst mentioned military of Persians improve they might desire to climb over or by your by using-exceeded curry heap, for that reason delaying them and giving your important military time to mobilise after their religious festivities or despite, or do exactly like the French sh-t themselves and blame somebody else for the smell.

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    Push comes to shove, nature always finds a way!

    There's an old Ranger school horror story of the patrol that cut out the seat of their jungle fatigue trousers so they could relieve themselves whenever they squatted in a listening silence halt...

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    They would dig a hole in some areas or they have buckets that are later set on fire to get rid of the feces so the enemy could not use it as a weapon against them.

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    From my expirence down range. Always carry Hooas. There like baby wipes. Hold it as long as you can but if you got to go and your in the hot zone have a buddy watch your back dig a whole do your think and move on.

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    That's what marines are for. They carry the honey buckets and toilet pper.

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    There are still parts of the world that doesn't have plumbing, my friend.

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    they just have to dig a hole where they are (preferably in a safer spot) and do it there. no privacy whatsoever.

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    What, like over in Iraq? The whole country's a big toilet anyway....

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    i think they have concerted dump taking breaks, where soldiers must be able to quickly relieve themselves or perish

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