Who was Lewis Burwell Puller...?

Who was Lewis Burwell Puller, aka 'Chesty' Puller?

I'm reading the biography on him, so I'm not really looking for any 'cut & paste' or 'link' answers; I'm sure this book has more than what Wikipedia could offer. Looking more for personal accounts or passed down stories.

I was in the Army, the only one I could compare him too is Audie Murphy.


The book's titled 'MARINE! THE LIFE OF CHESTY PULLER The Only Marine in History to Win Five Navy Crosses' and the author is Burke Davis.

It was 1st published in 1962 and the edition I have was published in 1988.

Update 2:

Chesty sounds like someone even, Gunny R. Lee Ermey, would've looked up to.

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    I met Chesty Puller at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital in 1970 when he was visiting his son who was a triple amputee after being wounded in Vietnam. Chesty slapped his son in the face and told him to quit feeling sorry for himself. A Navy nurse who observed this summoned security personnel and the commanding officer, since Puller was a retired general grade officer. The C.O. spoke briefly with Chesty who agreed to leave the compound. That was the one and only contact I ever had with the man.

    In later years his son committed suicide.

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    Well that book will tell you alot of who he is. You cant compare him to Audie Murphy cause Chesty Puller was a leader of Marines. He was a lead from the front Marine not like these yahoos that we have now adays. Marines hold Chesty dear to there hearts. I dont think any other service holds one of there own closer than the Marines hold Chesty. Or at least the older salts do, these friggin new Marines seem not to think about traditions hell they dont even like to be called Devil Dog. Or maybe its a select few. As most of the Bro's here have said the book will give u all u need.

    Semper Fi


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    If you are reading the book titled "Chesty", then you need not worry about asking the question. But if you want to know a little about him, he was the commander, that during the Korean war, his unit was surrounded by several Chinese divisions, and he led his men out and brought ALL of their and the Army's dead, wounded, and equipment with them. His comment was "we are just fighting in a different direction." There are many stories such as this about him, and he is one of those held in the highest regard by those of us lucky enought to be called "Marine".

    Source(s): USMC infantry 12+ years.
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    what are the odds that someone who KNEW Chesty Puller would be on Yahoo answers... So if you are NOT looking for other articles, and you ARE reading his Biography....

    then you got nothing to ask.

    waste of time

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    He is a Marine Corps Icon and a roll model for all Marines. As you know by reading his biography, he had a long and distinquished carrer. A leader who took no **** and gave plenty of it to the enemie. Too bad the military leaders (Gen Petraius for one) don't have the same fortitude. I could tell you when he passed away and where he last served, but don't want to ruin the ending for you.

    Here is a list of his awards though:

    Navy Cross with Gold Stars in lieu of four additional awards; the Army Distinguished Service Cross; the Army Silver Star Medal; the Legion of Merit with Combat "V" and Gold Star in lieu of a second award; the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V;" the Air Medal with Gold Stars in lieu of second and third awards; and the Purple Heart Medal. His other medals and decorations include the Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon with four bronze stars; the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal with one bronze star; the World War I Victory Medal with West Indies clasp; the Haitian Campaign Medal; the Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal; the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal with one bronze star; the China Service Medal; the American Defense Service Medal with Base clasp; the American Area Campaign Medal; the Asiatic-Pacific Area Campaign Medal with four bronze stars; the World War II Victory Medal; the National Defense Service Medal; the Korean Service Medal with one silver star in lieu of five bronze stars; the United Nations Service Medal; the Haitian Medaille Militaire; the Nicaraguan Presidential Medal of Merit with Diploma; the Nicaraguan Cross of Valor with Diploma; the Republic of Korea's Ulchi Medal with Gold Star; and the Korean Presidential Unit Citation with Oak Leaf Cluster.

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    Who was Lewis Burwell Puller?


    Mr & Mrs Pullers son?

    Source(s): Sorry mate, i would not have a clue
  • Goodnight Chesty, wherever you may be.

    Figured some might like a pic, so there's one below.

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    the greatest Marine ever, a Marines Marine

    Semper Fi

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