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請各位指點吓小弟~Bachelor of Business Administration in ouhk

我想問吓如果我目標係讀ouhk ge Business Administration degree(part time)但係我又冇讀過商科,咁如果我由zero 開始我應該要報咩課程先呢?

我做左三年野只係有個 餐飲ge diploma.

咁如果我讀完左li pace 個Professional Diploma in Business Management ,

我又可唔可以直接讀ouhk 個Business Administration degree呢? 又或者如果我讀完個Business Management ,poly 會唔會收我呢?因為聽人講poly 多公司接受d.

又或者你地有冇d咩好ge 建議?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hi~ i'm studying in OUHK in BBA, but full-time in yr2 now.

    first of all, what a u asking about? what is your need?

    finally you want a degree right?

    if you study in ou for part-tme degree,

    one year they have 3 sem,

    because u need to work, therefore you choose 2 subject that's enough,

    and also, not all subject they let you choose in every sem,

    so, mostly at the begin your choice are...

    computing, statistic, business communication, english

    is it difficult just depends on how much you want the degree,

    most of my schoolmate they were not study business b4.

    anyway, hope these can help you

    Source(s): my experience
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  • 1 decade ago





    and my tel:61029376楊


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