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(44點!! 超急呀!!)三角洲的問題

Which of the following condition(s) is/are favourable for the formation of a delta ( 三角洲 ) ?

(1) Gradient of the coast is very gentle

(2) Soil erosion is serious in the basin ( 盆地 )

(3) Absence of lakes along the river

(4) Tidal currents and offshore currents are weak

A. (2),(4) B. (1),(2),(3) C. (1),(2),(4) D. All of the above



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    The answer is D. All of the above.

    (1): The gradient of the coast is very gentle, in which the river velocity is low. And this condition favours the process of deposition. And it favours the formation of a delta.

    (2): In the basin,soil erosion is serious, in which the transportation process bring more soil,pebbles and rocks to the lower course of the river, (increase the load of the river) and favours the formation of delta.

    (3): Absence of lakes along the river will increase the load in the river, as deposition occurs seriously along the lakes. In which more soil, pebbles and rocks are available in the lower course to form delta.

    (4): Tidal currentsand offshore currents are weak will favour the formation of delta. It isbecause less sediments will be washed away from the estuary of the river.

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    2 4 1 3

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