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關於MRI的東西 誰能幫我解釋名詞一下..

point-resolved spectroscopy sequence 是MRI的什麼東西 用來做什麼的 誰能幫我解釋一下嗎 謝謝.. .

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    Point Resolved Spectroscopy(PRESS) 定點分辨波譜法

    point-resolved spectroscopy sequence 定點分辨波譜序列

    Point resolved spectroscopy is a multi echo single shot technique to obtain spectral data. PRESS is a 90-180-180 (slice selective pulses) sequence. The 90 radio frequency pulse rotates the spins in the yx-plane, followed by the first 180 pulse (spin rotation in the xz-plane) and the second 180 pulse (spin rotation in the xy-plane), which gives the signal.



    With the long echo times used in PRESS, there is a better visualization of metabolites with longer relaxation times. Many of the metabolites depicted by stimulated echo technique are not seen on point resolved spectroscopy, but PRESS is less susceptible to motion, diffusion, and quantum effects and has a better SNR than stimulated echo acquisition mode (STEAM).




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