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有效增加交通號誌的可見度,比如調高號誌亮度, 使用螢光色片,因為其特性能有效解決能見度的問題. 或是加大號誌,或增設交通號誌的罩遮〈只讓直行方向的車輛看到號誌燈,以避免干擾其他方向的駕駛。〉改善十字路口的照明,讓駕駛能清楚看到交通狀況以降低夜間的車禍



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    Effective increase of the visibility of traffic signal, for example, increasing the brightness of the signal, using fluorescent slice, will solve theproblem of the special ability of visibility. Or increasing the signal size, or establishing the coverage system of signal ( only let cars of the signal's side see the signal light, avoiding to interfere the driver of car from the opposite side) Improvement of the lighting of the crossroads let driver to see traffic clearly and thereby decreasing the accident occured during night.

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    Increase the visibility of the traffic number will effectively, for example heighten the luminance of the number will, use the firefly mere slice, because its characteristic can solve the problem of visibility effectively. Or strengthen the number will, it or set up traffic the symbol the willses it put on not hiding It is driven and can be clear that see traffic is in order to reduce traffic accident

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